Sunday, December 16, 2012

Number 19

This week just came and went!! Was a lot of fun until sickness overtook our LIVES!!  Ahh!!  (more on that here).  But looking back on it, it was a good one for everything that we squeezed out of it.  This whole working mom and dad thing we are still getting the hang of, but some weeks I feel like we get to spend a lot of time together and others I don't - it's strange.  Even if we don't do anything different.  Who knows.

It was a good week though and we loved all the time with our little man.  It was a week of firsts in taking off the swaddle.  So funny and frustrating at the same time this parenthood thing.  Once you think things are going great and you don't want to change a thing - boom - this thing called parenthood responsibilities rock you and you are forced to rock the boat.  Some nights, you just have to suck it up and know that the sleep will be less and the next day you WILL be tired.  "Rip the bandaid" is what I kept telling Jimmy.  This was our first and I would say it went ok.  I'm sure there will be many more.  Like the first time you go to timeout, the first time we have to give you medicine (oh wait...that happened too...).  Oh parenthood, you always seems to keep us on our feet!!  That's what so amazing about it and rewarding all at once I guess!!

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