Friday, December 28, 2012

Jackson + Charlie playdate

The last time Jackson (Emily's son) came over to our house was to meet Charlie.  Jackson was just over 4 months old and Charlie was just a week old.  It's crazy how much has changed since then and the fact that Charlie is now older than Jackson was when he first met Charlie. Have I mentioned time just FLIES?

Well it was a lot more fun this time than their last because these boys are more mobile, interactive and playful with each other.  Pretty much they came over, we ate pizza, Jackson ate, Charlie ate and then it was play time.  We had every intention to make a gingerbread house, but watching these two little guys roll around on the blanket in our family room was just WAY too much fun.

It was crazy to talk about in just a few years from now how they will be running around and getting into trouble together.  Emily says that she thinks Jack will be the "trouble maker" and Charlie will go along with him.  I can just imagine those conversations....

So here's a few of the 100+ photos I took of them.  They are pretty cute if I can say that about my own kid...

They were moving all around it was hilarious.  Jackson is just rolling and scooting everywhere!!!

Charlie seemed to like Jackson's hair.  Someday maybe he'll have that much!!

Somehow Jack ended up right by Charlie's bottom.  Luckily there were no farts at that time!

Such little cutie pies!!!!!  And yes, this is all we did all night is sit down and stare at them.  This is what parents do I guess on Friday nights!  We thought it was fun....

This was hilarious to see Jackson and Willy both standing up trying to play with Jimmy.  Willy is about the same size as Jack!!!

And this takes the cake...Jackson makes the best noises and Jimmy was playing with him and he was yelling right back.  SOOO funny!! Love that kid so much!

Love these play dates/play time together.  Now we just need to get Arden to convince her parents to move back....

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