Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week number 18 and meeting Santa

It's weird to get emails from Babycenter that say "your baby is 18 weeks old".  18 weeks?!  I remember when he was just 1 week old and I thought it was crazy.

Well, at 18 weeks old, I have to say we are still having lots of fun.  Learning LOTS about each other still.  Just when I think we have a good routine...something new comes about.  But I think I have realized that is with everything and having a baby just forces you to be a little more flexible.  Because I am someone who really like routine, it is a little harder on me to be flexible - but like I said, we are ALL learning (your father included!!)!

This week was full of lots of fun stuff with lots of playing with toys and wearing your new clothes.  And guess what else?  You met Santa Claus and it was oh-so-wonderful.  It sure got your mom and dad in the Christmas spirit seeing you meet old St. Nick!

What else?  It was your official 4 month birthday.  And now I have to say "my four month old" versus three month old.  I can't keep up with you kid!!  Growing so fast.  We also finally took your 3/4 month pictures.  I saw that with a little slash because they were supposed to be more 3 month but your mom didn't email Amanda until your 3 month bday because I actually forgot - as it was around the time when I just went back to work and was thankful that I remembered to put on a shirt without spit up on it before walking out the door - let alone remembering to schedule your pictures ahead of time.  So they became your 4 month pictures.  And you know what?  You little silly stinker - you smile at everyone all the time, but of course at your pictures you were being a little stubborn.  You still had super cute faces, but we could barely get you to smile, let along give a little chuckle!  Luckily Amanda's mom came down at her studio and tried to help!  She got some smiles out of you.  I'm dying to see a preview of them as well as some family shots we took!

You also had the dreaded doctor's appointment with shots.  What a bummer.  Good for you, but so sad to see your sweet little smile turn into an all out cry when they stick you with that needle.  I made your dad hold you down this time and he said it was awful and he won't do it again.  Now he knows why I was hysterically balling at the 2 month appointment.  But the good news?  You are growing like a weed and very healthy.  A big boy and very proportional - very tall and just as big around.  We think you're pretty perfect.  And Dr. Natasha does too because you were ALL smiles when she was examining you.  You little flirt you. 

Here are some more pictures of the visit to Santa Claus!

You were all smiles in your cute onesie!
Check out Santa's mustache!  It was legit!

Got a little smile out of you posing

You were mesmerized with him!!

So much you started to pull his beard.
The pulling of the beard cracked us all up!!  Santa said it wasn't the first kid and won't be the last...

Also - I downloaded this new app that puts pictures with audio.  I uploaded this story after the fact (because I forgot to record audio at the time), so the audio on here is a little silly - but check it out and let me know what you think!!

Any other apps that you mom's love to capture memories??

At Johnny's for dinner after meeting Santa.  Dad loves you :)

We finally dressed the dog up.  Oh Willy
Another exciting event?  We got our stockings in the mail!  Like nice ones with our names on them.  You were obviously thrilled.

What else happened?? Well your mom and dad had some fun of their own on Saturday night and went out with all the Carter boy's and their wives for our annual holiday dinner tradition.  It's always fun hanging out with these great people I now call family and nice every once and awhile to go out alone. Nana & Papa B and Aunt Lyndsay all came over for the "Bruns family babysitting" fun.  And as had a blast with them.  Bath, bedtime and everything.  In the mean time, we were enjoying a night out on the plaza.

This mama did have a few drinks and enjoyed her adult time and since I'm still your sole provider of food....your dad and I had our own little fun at midnight after I pumped.  Haha.  We bought these after a wedding just in case we needed them again.  They are so funny.  We enjoyed putting the strips in the milk to see if there was any trace of alcohol that might hurt you.  Two minutes later....

...we were good to go.  So we kept the pumped milk and went to sleep.  After any late night now, I'm just so exhausted even if you just wake up once.  But I guess that's part of this balancing act called parenthood and not letting the rest of our lives go away.  We are lucky to have a great set of friends and family to still enjoy, even if we are away from our little booger for a few hours!

On Sunday - we hit up CostCo and bought our first Carter Disney DVD - Lion King!!  Your dad had never seen it either.  So the 6 of us (dogs included) chilled in the light of the Christmas tree and watched it.  I sang every song to you REALLY loud and you loved it and laughed a lot.  I can't wait to get more Disney movies and watch them with you!!!

Finally - mom got goofy when she was undressing you for bathtime.  Pants on your head....pants on your head...

Another great week in the books little man.  Just so in love with all the fun we have as our new little family.  You continue to be such a joy!!!!!!!

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