Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy birthday Lyndsay (a week late...)

So I missed my sister's birthday in blogland.  But dont' worry we celebrated it in real life and that's what matters, right?

My sister's birthday is November sometimes she is a Thanksgiving baby and we put a candle in the turkey and other years it falls on the day before or after.  This year it was on the other holiday - Black Friday.  Since our little family spent Thanksgiving Day at my parents house and my sister wanted to go Black Friday shopping at the Legends like we did last year, we decided to all just spend the night at my parents house.  Yep, 5 adults, one baby and 7 - you read that right - SEVEN dogs in one house all to celebrate miss Lyndsay.  It was a fun night.

But onto more about my sister.  Fist off, I cannot believe he's 24 years old.  I mean that's not-so-little anymore.  I mean this year she even bought her own house.  Yep, she's an adult and I still sometimes feel like she's just my little baby sister still.  But she has just turned into a wonderful woman and I'm so blessed to call her my sister, have Charlie call her his aunt AND have her live just a mile away from us.  It's been so fun being so close and just having her randomly stop by or vice versa.  

Here are some sister pics from the last year!

Us at the Lady A & Darius Rucker concert in April - pregnant and all

My cousin's wedding in May 
Baby shower for Charlie!

At Lauren's wedding - 2 weeks before I popped.

Holding Charlie for the first time - she's a natural!!

She came to decorate our house when we got home from the hospital!

Aunt Lyndsay and Baby Charlie have their first moment

DId he fart?

She dresses this kid up right!  Go Cats!

At Charlie's baptism in November - she is the godmother

All the "Bruns" kids and Charlie. Love this picture.
Lyndsay - you are such a wonderful person and such a blessing in all of our lives.  You are a rock star at your job, a wonderful sister, friend, daughter and aunt.  I'm so so glad we live close together and you didn't pick up and move to another state (maybe I secretly got pregnant for you to not move, ok not really, but it was a good plan, right?).  I can't wait for more great things to come in your life and help you celebrate all the good and be there for you in the not-so-good. 

PS Your puppy Lucy is so freaking cute.

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