Saturday, December 29, 2012

Charlie's first Christmas

It came and went in a blink of an eye.  Just like everything these days.  His first Christmas.  I feel like it totally snuck up on us because there was lots that we didn't do.  We FINALLY made a baby's first Christmas hand print ornament...on December 26.  So if that gives you a clue about how fast it went by.  I tried to be good at taking pictures and I got a lot of candid shots, but very few posed.  Note to self: take some more posed pictures.

Christmas Eve in the afternoon we literally packed up our entire house with everything we needed for a one night sleepover at Nana and Papa B's.  We had to take two cars if that gives you any sort of visual. That's because in addition to our thousand baby items, we had presents and 2 dog kennels and 3 dogs and a BIG wagon for Charlie's present.  So I guess it was explainable, but it still felt ridiculous driving 2 cars over to my parents just 15 minutes away.

We went to the 3PM candlelight Christmas Eve service at COR and it was packed!!  We usually go to the 11PM service, but that all changed with Mr. Charlie this year.  He did a great job, but of course I didn't get any pictures of our cute little family.  #momfail  After the service we headed home and got dinner started and it was DELICIOUS.  My grandparents came over and so did my uncle (in addition to my cousin, Brett, that is living with my parents right now) to enjoy the yummy food.  Gotta love a Christmas Eve shrimp boil.

Charlie put on his Christmas PJs and off to bed he went.  I thought about writing a letter to Santa from him, but then I went to bed.  Haha, is that another #momfail?  I figure next year we'll do it up right when he's a little older and we'll be at our house.

He was up at 6:30AM on Christmas morning and ready to go.  Being the first one out, Nana B immediately busted out Charlie's present that she had been hiding away.  A Charlie-sized recliner that matches his nursery perfectly!  He loved it and it was a perfect fit!

Once everyone else got up, dad put together his new wagon and we did one family pose in that.  Except Jimmy is not looking at the camera.  Another #momfail...but at least the kid liked the wagon.  Once he's sitting up better I'm sure he'll just love it!

Then we started opening up way too many presents.  My family was way too nice.  Jimmy got like 17 St Thomas Aquinas shirts from my mom too.  And we got an awesome coffee maker from my mom as well as some baby food freezer stuff!  Of course Charlie got some fun toys and clothes and was just spoiled rotten.  Typical first grandkid, right?!

Here are 3 of the 7 dogs....(and my dad and Brett)

Toby was really good and calm, so I guess he can come back!

Willy thinks the chair is his! 
After all the presents were opened, it was time to take care of the stocking stuffer scratch off tickets that my mom always gets!  My dad was working WAY too hard on them. 

 While Lyndsay hung out with grandparents came over too again to hang out!!

And then these are stupid pictures of Jimmy sneaking sausage roll.  And me laughing.  We are so funny.

Charlie was pretty chill in the exersaucer all day too.  But look at that DROOL.  oh MY goodness.  Somehow he got tall enough to touch the bottom too.  I'm not sure when that happened!!

After making the trek back to our house with all of our stuff (presents included) with the help of my cousin's truck, we were at home for one nap, an outfit change and then it was over to the Carter house for family Christmas there!! Charlie's cousins are pretty in love with him.  Norah made it clear that I know that babies love her because baby Arden loved her and held her hand!!  Precious!

Then we opened Christmas presents and it was always fun to see all the kids open stuff.  New tradition at the Carter Christmas?  Chant the person's name that is opening the present.  Pretty fun.  Charlie was first so he had a lot of fun!!!

We had lots of fun!!  Including a great present from Grana and Pops of his little Charlie backpack to match the duffle bag my mom and dad got him!

The boys traded t-shirts...

And when presents were over Charlie was POOPED.  Poor guy.

And guess what else happened?  Maren lost a tooth (well it was loose and Aunt Shellie is the tooth pulling expert and pulled it out!!!) and was so proud!  While Norah insisted on getting her picture taken too!

And Miss Kenlie?  Well she just had way too much Christmas for her own good.  She passed out on Uncle Bobby! While Charlie woke up and put on his PJs that Grana made and jumped in the jumparoo!!  Fun was had by all.

Overall it was a great first Christmas.  Have a few things to learn for next year though and maybe a couple more special memories to make.  But we're all taking this parenthood/child thing one step at a time!!!

Hope you and yours had a merry merry Christmas as well!


  1. We always get scratchers tickets in our stockings too! I feel the same way about Christmas....I'm going to need to step it up next year!

  2. I LOVE that chair and have to know where it came from?! It would match Brantley's room perfectly, too!

  3. Merry (belated) Christmas, Brittany! Charlie is adorable and growing SO fast!! If it makes you feel better, I have missed a family picture in front of the tree for TWO years now. I plan to fake it tomorrow morning before church. :)