Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 20

Sickness continued into this week (duh), but we also had some fun!   Got a new high chair that is so super cool, got TWO new friends this week (Noah David born on 12.12.12 and James Allen born on 12.16.12 - so neat to have so many new friends at such a young age!!), and made the first of many trips to Iowa!!!  A fun week it was leading up to Christmas celebrations for sure!!  Mom also started her intersession grad school class on Monday night (unexpectedly), so that sure threw her for an emotional loop.  Just when we think we have stuff down doing this whole work, daycare thing - add one more thing to the normal schedule of grad school classes.  Think we can handle all this?? I sure hope so!!

Even though it was another week of sickness - it was a lot of fun getting to see family and meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Bruns.  They sure do love you lots!!  And so do we!

Cannot wait for Christmas to come little man and get some time off with our little family!

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