Saturday, January 26, 2013

A little late..but week 24

This mama is sure far behind on the weekly updates - this on my Saturday to-do list.  Which also includes making baby food, doing some homework and playing with Charlie.  I have been keeping track of all that we've been up to, just haven't got my act together to get it all put together and posted.  Every week I keep telling myself these are getting silly and I can stop.  But then I keep doing it because I mean we're almost at 6 months...and what is another 6 months?  I will be happy with myself that I had your whole year documented, right?  Or will I look back at myself and laugh.  I am guessing the latter.  But oh well!!  Silly mom thing I guess!

This week was full of everyone getting back int the swing of things - but also was full of SICKNESS.  School and sickness.  Not a fun combination.  Luckily the sickness was just mom and dad and not Charlie - but that's not fun either.  I prefer a healthy family!!  However, we all held together and made it through the week.  We always seem to push through little man...just for you!!  Sometimes I look back and am unsure how we make it through - but we do. Thank the Lord for family, friends and understanding bosses and teachers....

Cheers to another week...oh and I forgot.  We started cry it out this week - or attempted to.  You did ok, and showed some better progress at sleeping through the night.  Got to start somewhere, right?

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