Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week number 25 with Charlie!

Well this week was SO much better than the last.  Intercession class ended.  Extra day off work/school and no one sick.  I call that a win at all levels!!!  

And a few firsts this week that included: 
  • officially started sitting up (!!)
  • got in the stroller for the first time like a big kid (vs. in the car seat) 
  • tried something else to eat besides rice cereal
  • officially can roll over back to front.  You are a rolling machine!
I'd call that a great week!!  Love experiencing all these first with you!!

Two of my favorites pictures from the week?  Pictures of Charlie loving on our dogs.  Charlie, you think these dogs are the funniest things ever.  We love watching you interact with them and hope you all continue to love each other.  Especially the dogs love you even when you pull their tails, ears, etc.

And a few pictures of the avacado experience.  He's like his mom and wears his feelings on his face.  NOT.A.FAN

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