Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 22 - Christmas and road trip!

Just like that Christmas came and went and with a lazy day the day after Christmas before we hit the road...Christmas disappeared from our house.  It's always sad to see it go, but made me very excited for what our lives will look like next year putting it back up and having to be aware of what Charlie can pull down.  Crazy!!

This was a fun week because the majority of it was spent in good old Katy, TX with our best friends - the Calcaras.  Yes, we willingly chose to drive with a 5 month old 12 hours in the car.  It wasn't horrible the way down, but the way back...well that was another story.  Will someday get to a blog post with pictures from our trip!  In the mean time, Vanessa did an awesome job of summing it up!

This week of your life also ended the year of 2012.  Crazy to think all the fun that 2013 will bring as we get the honor of being your parents and watching and helping you grow.  Can't wait for all this fun!!! 

*PS - I accidentally wrote on 12.27 that we hung out with Vanessa and Christ.  Just in case you are confused, that should read "Chris", as we did not get the pleasure of hanging out with Christ.  Even though that would have been amazing!!

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