Friday, January 11, 2013

FSF: losing my mind and other things

So last week my sister was telling me that my blog just isn't as fun anymore (in a nice way...). That all I blog about is Charlie. Yes, that is true. What I like about my blog is how it has transformed over the last 4 years. So I defended it and told her all we do is hang out with Charlie, so of course that's what I blog about. She agreed but made the request for "Fun Story Friday" to emerge again. While there will be no stories of my riding the bus adventures (don't think the Jo would make a special day care drop off....), there are pretty amusing things that happen with a baby. While most include bodily functions (i.e. poop, pee, spit up), one happened last night that involved none if the above. And it goes like this...

There are lots of things I have to remember everyday now. Like making sure milk gets in Charlie's bag, ensuring i do not smell like baby throw up, transporting breastmilk and the list goes on. Not to mention most of these things to remember take place all before 7:30am.

Yesterday morning I was quickly picking up stuff in our house because our cleaning lady was coming (yes, I got a cleaning lady...judge if you will, but you work 40 hours a week, make dinner every night, take care of a 5 month old baby and 3 dogs and go to grad school at night...and then tell me the first thing you want to do with your "free time" is scrub thanks.  I had aspirations of being super mom, but I have come to the realization that I plain and simple just want to spend time with my kid). Since we just started feeding Charlie rice cereal the box hasn't found a "home" in our pantry yet. Because I like to make sure the counter is clear to be cleaned I put the rice cereal box away.

Last night I got home after a quick visit to drop off dinner and meet sweet baby Noah and it was time to feed Charlie his cereal.  So I got the bowl and spoon out and Jimmy searched for the box of cereal.  He couldn't find it.  He originally blamed it on our cleaning lady for moving it and then I finally fessed up.  I moved it.  And guess what?  I couldn't remember where I put it.  And then we searched.  High and low.  In the pantry, in all the kitchen cabinets and even in the fridge and freezer.  We looked everywhere.  I told him I was sorry and that I was losing my mind and other things on top of that.  Literally.

So I sent him off to the grocery store after looking at sweet baby Charlie sitting in his high chair all anxious for that cereal.  I took him out of the high chair and nursed him a bit and then just like that, dad had arrived and all was well.  Our little dude got his cereal (at all of it again - he's loving it and doing good!), a bath, nursed some more and then off to bed.  All was well again in the Carter house.

Except guess what?  We still cannot find the missing box of rice cereal.  Now all I can think about is when and where it might pop up.

Let's just be thankful that is all I lost.  I constantly panic about forgetting Charlie somewhere.  Yes, I'm crazy and in my current crazy state of mind, it wouldn't surprise me.  So I double check twice, three times to make sure he's always by my side.

And I thought I had pregnancy brain...apparently mom brain is even worse...

I will let you know when/if the box of cereal ever emerges from it's "hiding spot".  I'm positive I put it in a "logical" place at the time. 

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  1. That's awesome. Just wait until he's mobile, and you really have to babyproof your house and start putting away LOTS of things, I never seem to remember where I put anything!