Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 23 - back to school/work

Finally getting caught up.  But I still have so many posts to write!!!  Too much going on.  After some wonderful family time off...this week it was back to reality.  Unfortuntely for mom, a not-so-fun reality.  I got sick this week, had to start class again (after studying pretty much all break) AND go back to work.  Um, not fun at all.

There were some fun and funny moments though, of course.  Like seeing you interact with your new Christmas toys - it's so fun to see your face light up!  You got to spend lots of quality time with your dad and develop that bond with him even more.  And when you finally went back to school, you seemed to poop on everything.  So much that your silly face came home in a super funny outfit on Friday.  We just love you. 

We had some fun celebrating Grana's 60th birthday with your aunts, uncles and cousins!!!  AND you started solids aka some rice cereal.  Well that was just a fun event in itself because your face was, and continues to be priceless.  6:30 rice cereal feeding is our favorite time now!  We are loving seeing you learn.  AND best yet, you decided you were going to start sleeping normal again.  Which THANK goodness.  Because your poor parents were about running on empty with your newborn wakings again.  But now we put you down awake and you've figured out how to put yourself to sleep after about 10 minutes of fussing.  What is the trick?  Apparently you just want to smell your mom because you have gone to sleep every night snuggling with my t-shirt (even better it's the Pi Phi bid day 2003 one!).  You wrestle around with it and then put it over your face and fall fast asleep.  Your dad tells me it's because you love me so much and are used to falling asleep with your face on my chest.  My heart literally melts at the thought of that.  Not going to lie, I've had a harder time than I thought I would with this whole "feeding you solids" thing because I almost feel like I'm giving my little baby up.  But snuggling with my t-shirt?  Well, that makes it all better. I need you much.  And it's fun to go back into your room and take it off your face after you are asleep!  I love to see your sleeping face.

You are also getting better at sitting up.  You can do it great in the boppy and we work on it every night when we get home.  Charlie, you are so amazing to watch grow and are so fun.  I literally wish I could spend every day all day long with you.  Guess I just have to suck it up and wait for the weekends....

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