Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sue turns 60!

This post is a few days late - kind of like everything that is not work, school or Charlie right now!!  But better late than never for a very special lady on her very special birthday!!

My mother-in-law, Sue, turned a big 6-0 on Monday!  The 5 boys and their wives threw her a nice little party this past Friday to celebrate too and it was very fun (really my sister-in-law's Shellie and Lindsay did all the work - they are the best!!).  But before I get to the party, I want to shine the spotlight on Sue for a second.

She is one pretty remarkable lady.  First I'll start by telling you that she SUCCESSFULLY raised 5 wonderful boys that turned into pretty fantastic men.  Five kids.  All boys. In 10 years.  The closest are 16 months apart (I think that is right) and then Jimmy and his younger brother are 18 months apart.  Holy moly.  I thought that was pretty neat when I first met Jimmy, but now as a mom I'm more in awe at how she did it.  And she also got her master's in education with Jimmy and Bobby were little.  Um - she's pretty amazing, and I think everyone can agree!!  Especially that they all turned out not only normal, but pretty darn successful, good looking and good people.

Sue is a pretty great mother in law as well that always makes you feel like you are her own child.  Her house and kitchen seem to be always open and welcome to come over (and she makes some pretty delicious stuff out of her kitchen!!!).  She really set the bar high when you marry a Carter boy, as they expect you to be just like their mom - which I'm not even going to pretend I can do everything she did AND cook delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and enchiladas and tacos to die for.  Nope, I already told Jimmy I wouldn't even try!!

So she's a great mom, great mother in law AND an amazing Grana.  At the young age of 60, she already has 9 wonderful grandkids ranging from 5.5 months old (Charlie) to 10.5 years old (Libbie).  And she loves them all so much.  She is always willing to watch them when the parents need some help and is always doing such fun things with them.  They are VERY lucky to have her and so are we as their parents.

And finally, she's a wonderful school principal.  She works at the Catholic grade school that all the boys went to and was a teacher and then became a principal. I know she is such a great leader there and the kids just love her!!!

Here are some fun pictures from her birthday dinner at Garrozo's last Friday night!

Red, Sue and Sue's sister, Loretta

Our dinner partners: Kenlie & Libbie - check out that meatball!

The cake & singing!
Will FINALLY let someone else hold him besides his mom!

Opening her presents with the girls
I love this picture of Sue and her boys.  So much!!  She said that they were all worried about not being as tall as her when they were younger.  I think they all met that threshold! 

I also think I love it because it just exudes love.  As a mom to a little boy, I was getting a little emotional that night when we were driving home about him "not needing" me as much as we start him on solids.  (I know I'm crazy)  But Jimmy made it very clear how much he does still need his mom and so do all his brothers.  We all do.

The fabulous birthday girl and her boys. 

A cool shot of the whole room
Shot 1 of the grandparents and grandkids...

Shot 2 of the grandparents and grandkids
Obviously when  you are trying to get 9 kids to smile, that's not going to happen!

I really don't think she looks 60 at all!! It's crazy to think she has an almost 38 year old son and 9 grand kids. She sure is a special woman and one that I'm so blessed to have in my life and jimmy is very lucky to have as a mom and such a good role model. Charlie is also lucky to have her and Red as wonderful grandparents. I love my grandparents more than anything and I can't wait for him to get a little older and get to do fun things with them too!!

Cheers to making 60 look amazing Sue!!

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