Monday, January 28, 2013

FSF- follow up

I know it's not Friday, but this is just a follow up to a Fun Story Friday post.  So it will be on Monday.  I make the rules here.  So I posted a little whole ago about losing my mind and other things...that included a whole box of rice cereal for Charlie. I have good news:

1. The missing rice cereal box has been located.

2. I'm not in fact the one who lost/misplaced it. That would be one of our dogs. My bets are on Toby, as he's the only one big enough to counter surf. However, I'm also guessing that Willy had something to do with the end location. They tag team stuff like that all the time. Like one time when they knocked my work bag down from a hook and ripped open (and consumed a bag of peanut MandMs...more impressively all lived to tell the story. Or when Toby grabs dirty Tupperware off the counter and shares (you can actually read about that story from way back in 2010...). These dogs.  Never a dull moment is right.

But back to the main point...where the rice cereal box was and what accompanied it. Jimmy was ever so kindly moving the upstairs furniture around one evening when I was at class (after I had told him about my "brilliant" idea from a friend at work...this will be featured on a blog post soon). When moving the couches around in our living room he found the box if cereal under a couch and it wasn't eaten...but just severely gnawed on. It went in the trash immediately obvs (mama's not feeding her baby trash...) after I saw it in the counter when I got home from class - Jimmy wanted to let me know he found it.

The funny part? I saw an empty tuna can in the trash when I was throwing it away. Since we hadn't had tuna in awhile I asked Jimmy if he ate some that night. Nope - turns out he found that under the couch as well with the cereal. That just makes me feel so good about all the people that have been over to our house in the last who knows number of months that sat in that room and MIGHT have smelled something funny but were too embarrassed to say anything and point out that our house smells.

Embarrassing to the max.

I promise we are not dirty, even though our dogs like to hide things in places that makes it seem like we are. Dang dogs.....but at least we didn't find the cereal in a random cabinet or the freezer.  Could be worse.

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