Friday, February 1, 2013

Half a year = 26 weeks!

Well son, we made it halfway through the first year of your life. That's right - there are 52 weeks in a year and I'm documenting week number 26.  Doesn't seem like that actually could be.  Wasn't it just yesterday we were bringing you home?

This is just such a fun age because you are so interactive and seem to learn something new everyday.  Just wait - mama's gonna get all emotional in your official 6 month post.  The post is already in the works, but the pictures?  We'll take those tomorrow.  I seriously look at you and my heart melts.  I want to kiss you and hold you and touch you all the time - I cannot get enough.  I was talking to another mom friend at work that had your friend Aiden on the same day (bday twins!!) and she agrees.  She says the same things - so I'm not weird.  I love you so much little man!

This week started to finally feel a little more normal.  Normal class started, work is back to being busy, and we were back to having a good balance of being busy with friends and family but also having some down time with just the 3 of us.

Big items from this week?!?  Well, you officially eat baby food.  I made the first batch of sweet potatoes and you tried them on Saturday - you love them!!  Great news!  Can't wait to keep trying more fun food.  What else?  You now sit up in the bath tub.  And play with bath toys.  We tried to move you to the real bath, but I am just too nervous because you sit up so well but sometimes still take some falls. The last place I want you to fall is the bath tub.  I love watching you play with your bath toys though.  I love that you love baths - cannot wait to go swimming this summer!!  One more thing - you are sleeping SO much better.  And boy oh boy, we hope you keep this up.  It makes you so much happier and us too.  10-11 hours straight - we'll take it little man.  I felt like a new woman a few mornings because you let me sleep!!!

Cannot believe you have been in our lives for 26 weeks.  We love you so much!!!  Wahoo!  Onto the second half of the year!

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