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Play dates and big boy bath

Pre-baby, we always seemed to have a busy calendar.  And believe it or not, post-baby, we still always seem to have a busy calendar - but the difference is the type of events. New qualifications for events: must be able to take a child and must be done before 7PM.  A lot different than in our pre-baby life, but let me tell you, just as fun...if no more.  One of the things I love scheduling is play dates with our friends!!  Since we work or go to school all week, the weekends are our only shot for this - so we take advantage as much as possible.

I swear that Charlie might have more friends than Jimmy and I already at just 6 months old.  It's pretty neat and special that so many people we are friends with have or are having babies too because that's pretty much where all of his friends come from...and guess what?  That makes it super fun for mom and dad too because that means Charlie's play time also means time for us to socialize and watch our sweet babies interact!!  Now, I blogged about our playdate with Jackson  and that was super fun because we love hanging out with the Matlock's a ton.  We also have had lots and lots of fun playing with Arden and hanging out with the Calcara' Kansas City and in Houston!

A few Sunday's ago - Charlie invited a few more friends over and had a blast.  One of his friends was Rowen...her mom (Jen) and I first met over the summer at a mutual friend's going away party and we were both pregnant - due 4 days apart.  We joked with each other that we might see them at the hospital come July/August.  Well it turns out, Rowen and Charlie were born just a few days apart and the four of us became GREAT friends during the first few months of Charlie and Rowen's lives!  We reconnected at the Shawnee Mission Hospital's weekly breastfeeding group and it was our weekly thing we looked forward to every Tuesday morning.  Jen and I were always discussing our questions, concerns and loved getting our babes together.  Also, Jess and Aiden were another duo that we became friends with there through the group and love them (Aiden was just a tad bit older than Rowen and Charlie so we were always looking to Jess for advice!!)!  The 6 of us all had the greatest time on Tuesday mornings.  Then Jess went back to work...and then I went back to work and that time was no more.  It was so sad.  Believe it or not, we haven't seen Rowen and Jen since these little babies were just 3 months old!!!!  So Charlie was so excited to see her now that they are bigger and can actually play.  The other friend that Charlie invited was Bo, who's parents are Sarah and Josh, long time friends that live right down the street from us now!!!  He was born in October, so is about 3 months younger than Rowen and Charlie.  They all had so much fun!!

And we got to take advantage of using the new play area off the kitchen, so it was great!!

Reunited and it feels so GOOD!!!  Look at these sweet babies!!!  Rowen is such a sweet heart!  Charlie spit up all over his outfit, hence why he's rocking the white onesie and no pants.  Jimmy wanted me to make sure that was well known so you didn't think he was wt.

Look at Charlie and Rowen - they love their feet!!  And Mr. Bo is such a cutie - love all that sweet hair.

It's so fun to see Josh and Jimmy and really all my friend's husband's as dads.  Brings out such a sweet/soft side of them.

And finally - the winning picture of the day.  The three of these little boogers all in a row.  And apparently this is how Charlie flirts with girls...his dad might have to teach him a few things, but hey, his dad doesn't have the most traditional ways of flirting his first words to me were "you're hot".  Guess that's where he gets it from...

We always have a blast at play dates!  We have had a few a while back with Bo and Bennett (pictured below).  Bo and Bennett's mom's (Sarah and LeighAnne) had them on the same day!!!  How fun is that?  They are so sweet and Charlie is looking forward to them getting a little older so they can all go to the park in our neighborhood, as Bennett and his parents live nearby us too!

So sweet and little!!!
We also have had some fun with Brodie...while he's a little older, we are counting on Brodie to teach Charlie a few things....and I think he will!  They had fun hanging out watching some basketball with their crazy parents and sharing toys too!!

Love all these babies and future babies.  Tommy was born a few weeks ago too, which I know Charlie is anxious to meet well as  he's looking forward to some days with Bowen and well as a few more babies to come...Baby boy Seymour and baby boy Osbern and Baby Smith!!!  And he needs to meet HENRY!!!  Ah - they will be bff's...I know it!

One more thing to end this post...about a week ago, since Charlie started sitting up so good on his own, we decided to try out the big boy bathtub.  We knew he wouldn't be able to sit up in that on his own, so we rushed off to the store to get this baby bath seat.  Well - it wasn't very successful, as Charlie seems to like to slouch when he's sitting.  I felt bad because it looked like his poor man parts were getting squished - so I didn't want to mess those us, so we tried alternative number two.  Baby bath tub IN the big boy bath tub....

Of course with all his toys he picks the bucket to play with....

Maybe he's making this face because his man parts are getting squished??

Happy to be back in his baby bath tub, but sitting up.  Lots of splashes!
And there you have it.  All the fun we now have and the scheduling we now look forward to all week long - playing with Charlie's friends!!  (and Charlie's friends parents of course!!)

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  1. How fun!!! It's so wonderful to have other friends with babies around the same age! They all look precious together!