Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow storm: Round 1

Well it happened. The snow storm that was built up all last week actually came and dumped almost a foot of snow on the Kansas City area. I really thought nothing would happen after all the hype...but it did and we were snowed in yesterday!!

Check out a picture of our backyard.

I was all set to work from home because Charlie's school had announced it was going to close the night before, and Jimmy was going to play it by ear. Luckily he just decided to take the day off and stay home with us! We watched cars getting stranded on the highway and even had a few cars her stuck on the street right in front of our house (Jimmy got dressed to go out and help them...but by that time they had gotten unstuck!). Check out a picture of I35 that was on the news. Scary!!!  Usually people are just flying on this highway.

So we stayed warm while mom worked and dad changed the tvs around...and Charlie?? Well little Mr Independent just hung out. I was a little sad when I was working and could hear him just playing away right around the corner with all his toys. It's so bittersweet. I love his growing independence and hate everything about it all at once.

After a good nap and lunch, Jimmy went outside to tackle the driveway and I needed him to keep playing to finish up some work. He was bored with jumping and his we found a new toy in the kitchen spoon. It was a winner!!!!

And finally...I bundled him up and let him go outside with his dad. At least for a couple pictures. Boy am I glad I did- these boys are just the cutest!

We ended the evening with some school work, hot chocolate and watching Shark Tank. It was magical ;)

Charlie's school was canceled again on Friday and I had some meetings at work I needed to be enter my parents, as they were having a snow day too...and were so nice to make it all the way over to our house and come at 6:45am!!!  Based on the videos and pictures that they were sending me all day and that my sister sent (she went over there too and then my cousin did when he got off work), they had a good time!

This is his "I'm EXCITED" face!!

My dad also got another driveway to play with his new toy...his snowblower...that he got last year but never really got to use because we didn't get snow.  Well....glad he has it now because our driveway was spotless.

So here we go for round 2.  Charlie's school closed early today and it's already closed for tomorrow (sheesh!!!), so that means this mama is working from home. And Jimmy was told to stay home from work another family snow day!  How many days until SPRING!??  I think only 23....

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  1. We love Shark Tank, too! Every Friday night! :)

  2. I love the pictures of Jimmy and Charlie outside! However, I'm kind of disappointed…where's the Chiefs Starter jacket?!?! :)