Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 28: Big changes

We started this week off with your 6 month appointment that was rescheduled from Monday to Tuesday.  You are a big, brave boy.  You did GREAT!!  Mom had to go with you alone and you didn't cry for too long.  Super healthy baby - besides this cough that you cannot seem to kick (and now I'm paranoid about RSV).  But you got a clean bill of health.  And guess what?  No shots at your 9 month appointment you lucky boy!!

We finally got some quality time together, just the 2 of us, and I loved every second of it.  Took me back to the good old days of maternity leave when we had all the time in the world to do whatever we wanted.  It was heaven.  And the nice weather had something to do with it too!

A big first?  The first time out to eat and you sat in a big boy highchair.  You loved it and so did was crazy seeing you sitting there looking so big.  I just cannot believe how much you change and how fast it happens.  Acting so big already!!

Finally, this week came the end of your first school/day care.  It was sad.  Really sad.  What was even more sad?  On Monday, taking you to the new school.  It was our decision and we think it was a good one for the future.  However, there was nothing wrong with where you were - you loved it and so did we, so it made it REALLY hard.  And I didn't realize how hard it would be on me to make that transition.  I trusted and knew the people at your old school.  They loved you...I knew it.  And I'm sure we will all warm up to the teachers at your new school - all we hear is great things - but it was just a change.  A big change and an adjustment for all of us.  And guess what?  You took three 6 oz bottles at day care and ate some rice cereal in the morning!  What the heck kid?  That is 3-4 ounces more in bottles than you've ever taken plus morning cereal.  I'm blaming the fact that you were "full" on why you wouldn't eat the green beans I made you for dinner.  AHH!!  It will get better and we'll get more comfortable and adjusted.  I'm just looking forward to having that feeling again because all I wanted to do was hold you all night long.

Here's to a better and more adjusted next week!!

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