Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  It's half way through February already - wow!!  

Hope you got your special someone a Valentine's Day card - Hallmark of course, right?  Only if you care enough to send the very best...and by the way, Hallmark did not make up Valentine's Day.  Don't believe me?  Well wikipedia knows all, so check it out here.

As we do for Valentine's Day and Halloween every year, we had to keep up the tradition of sending out Valentine's Day cards to our family members and a few close friends.  And this year, well it was a little more fun with Charlie here.  We made him Cupid (duh!) - completed with his own bow and arrow to shoot at the dogs.  Here are our cards:

Check out our cards from 2012 and 2011 also.

Here are a few outtakes from the photo shoot - it was interesting because I attempted to take there when Jimmy wasn't at home.  So I was VERY lucky to get even a few good ones.

it looks like Charlie has a 5 o'clock shadow in this picture....
Not quite sure about this...
And we're sick of pictures, so we'll chew on the bow
And then I had to take a few of Charlie by himself in his adorable "Single and Loving it" outfit that he's sporting at school today for their Valentine's Day party.

Funniest thing?  Vanessa sent me this text message on Tuesday afternoon saying that she loved the cards...however...Chris was wondering why I would send a card out of Charlie throwing up.  What?!?  Check out what they got in the mail.

Looks like it got messed up in the mail - however, it was the perfect spot that it literally looked like he was throwing up.  I was crying I was laughing so hard.  This is something that belongs on David Letterman.

Speaking of - I had a panic attack on Tuesday night about Valentine's for his classroom.  Since we just started at this new school, I didn't even think about it, but the classroom newsletter said something about it and to only bring them for the class if you want to.  Well - OF COURSE I want to.  So it was off to the Hallmark card shop I went.  Here's what I sent with him to school today...

On the inside was the only "semi-homemade" part.  Just a little circle that says "Happy heart day!  Can't wait to play!"

I tried to spruce up the front of the envelopes.  If only I was a lettering artist versus a financial analyst!  I do think it's hilarious that they are having a party in the infant room - but kind of neat.  The one year olds get cheese puffs as their "treat" and Charlie and his friends get rice cereal.  Haha.  Not much of a treat - but just a little something extra I guess!  I think Charlie made us something on Wednesday at school because he came home with red paint on his shirt and his teacher warned me that it wasn't blood, just paint.  I can't wait to see it!!

Finally, we don't have any plans for tonight since I have class on Thursdays.  But I'll be loving on my boys and then tomorrow evening, Jimmy and I are off to dinner together and then to the Zach Brown Band concert at the Sprint Center.  Cannot WAIT!!  These tickets were Jimmy's Christmas present and are just perfect because he's wanted to see ZBB play so many times but something is always happening or comes up.  So it means even more to him!!
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  2. I am still laughing!!!!! He's even cute throwing up ;)

  3. HA that is hilarious!!! But the photos are too cute!! Precious boy!!