Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 27: time is flying

Time flies when you are having fun, right?  Oh this couldn't be more true. You are growing up before our eyes and it's so awesome to see you learn and grow everyday.  You are sleeping better (hope writing this down doesn't jinx it) and eating lots more solids now.  It's crazy!!  You roll ALL over the crib when you sleep and found your voice...which means you are "talking" to us like crazy now!  You found out how much you love the dogs.

Mom and dad had a fun night out with friends this week on Saturday night and it was great for you to get to spend time with Nana and Papa and for us to get out.  We had a blast at Aquinas trivia, but I'm pretty sure I just showed people pictures of you the whole time.

Also - another PLAY DATE!!!  I need to blog about this one because you had so much fun hanging out with Arden and Jackson.  You guys are freaking adorable together.  Please always be best friends.  They are such good kids AND their parents are pretty cool too.

We ended this week with a superbowl spent some quality time with Uncle Dr. Dan.  And you got to hang out with Mister the dog - you have a thing for dogs I think!

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  1. Happy 6 Months, Charlie! You are just the cutest!