Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pictures and memories

My friend, Vanessa, recently started participating in a "Mommy and Me" on Mondays on her blog, linking up to Dear Owen and Everyday Love. I thought it was such a cute idea but decided to not join the linking fun because really...how many GOOD pictures do I get of me and my little man?!? Very few. And really, I'm always the one taking the pictures and our self portraits are all but flattering. So I just figured I would skip it. Sounded like fun and liked looking at her pictures of her and Arden, but not for me.

And then on the intranet at work today, they had a link to this article which started a movement of such (read it, awesome article). A movement to not focus on getting "the perfect" picture but realizing it is taking the actual picture and capturing those memories and moments with your little one they matter. Read it. See what you think. I read it and teared up - like lump in my throat I wanted to start sobbing but I was at work and had to pull it together.

So there you have it...now on Monday's you'll see a pic of me and my man (hopefully, if I can remember). Whether we look cute or not, it's the moment and memory that matters.  I just wish that I could capture all our precious moments on camera - those laughs that we have every day and those sweet moments in his room when I'm rocking him and holding him.  I love every one of them.  Thank you for this article and this link up for helping me realize this.

My sleepy little man (and HEAVY 6.5 month old!)
Mom and Charlie before church on Sunday morning

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  1. So glad you read the article and felt the same way we did! Believe me, my pictures are far from great and lots of times I don't love them but like you said it's all about the memories!! Thanks for linking up, and I look forward to seeing next weeks! XO

  2. Cute pics!! Glad you decided to do this!