Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy and me: number 5

What a weekend! After our trip to Iowa, I think everyone is tired and excited to get back on our normal schedule this week. However, these teeth keep popping up everywhere. At first 2 on top, then one on bottom and now the second bottom one was making its way through last night. Evidence?! A sweet baby literally screaming his brains out last night a couple times. While we are trying to be good at not going in and picking him up when he cries at night...I cannot handle the incessant cries in pain. That's where Tylenol and my boobs are the perfect medicine. Since he doesn't take a pacifier like a normal child, literally the only way to get him to stop screaming is let him nurse...even if I pumped everything out right before bed. You would think I'd mind (especially after a few biting incidents last week), but as fast as this kid is growing up I know these nights are numbered and I'll happily function with no sleep to make him feel a little better. I tend to be the more sympathetic one of the parents when it comes to pieces of hard enamel popping through his guns. Sounds pretty painful.

But here we are back to the weekly grind!! We matched this morning, so I had to get a picture!  This is evidence that this kid no longer stays still.  He wants to be all over the place and wants to be into everything now.  But excited for this week to explore some more table food with Charlie and for some fun this weekend celebrating a good friend and watching some basketball games!!

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog- looks like you have a cutie as well! Emersyn is doing great with feeding, but it definitely took us awhile to get here-she's 10.5 months old now, and and her 7th month she was nursing 6-7 times a day with 2 solid meals, I think, then we went down to 5 times a day with 3 meals around 8 months, and she's dropped a feeding each month since then, which seems crazy fast to me since she nursed 7 times a day for 7 months! We're now at 3 nursing sessions a day, 3 solid meals a day, 1 snack a day, and water and juice as well.

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!