Saturday, March 2, 2013

Six and a half month pictures!

I know everyone says time flies, but it sure does.  One thing that we did before Charlie's arrival was buy a package for pictures during his first year and I'm so happy we did.  While I feel like I am always behind on getting them scheduled and always stress out what to wear, etc., after the pictures are done I'm always SO happy that we took them because even looking back to his 4 month pictures, he has changed so much and grown that I'm glad we're getting it documented.  As I don't want to forget all his little and big milestones.

This time it was fun because he could easily sit up by himself.  I got nervous at first because in the studio because the ground was hard...but Charlie stayed up very good and no knocks on the noggin this time.  Hoping for his 9 month pictures it will be nice weather and we can get outside finally - as December and February weather has been too cold.

Amanda continues to do such a  good job and we did get a few more smiles out of him this time.  There is a wiener dog at her studio...and she even had him come down and Charlie laughed at him a bit, just like he laughs at Willy at home.

Love this shot of my boys

His sweet gummy smile

One of the great family ones - sticking his belly out

I love this one.  Jimmy's face :)

We had not planned to do pictures in just his white onesie, but we had to put it on underneath his other shirt we were putting on and Amanda suggested it.  She said he looked like the Gerber baby in it.  Pretty much obsessed with this little man.

Busting out the blocks

LOVED his dad's boots

Practicing his standing!!!

Those 2.5 months flew by...excited for his next set of pictures with him pulling himself up and/or crawling maybe?!  Who knows.  But so fun to see him grow and get some great family pictures along the way.  Now just to decide what to frame!!

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  1. Obsessed!! Get this kid a baby modeling contract ASAP!

  2. These are SO precious. Love every one!!

  3. Adorable! My favorite is the family shot with his big belly--so cute!!!