Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mommy and me: number 4

The last time I opened blogger was last Monday on my phone to do a quick mommy and me post.  That was over a week ago.  I wrote a whole post about how I was just so happy the last week was over with.  This past week?  I am swimming in the i.am.so.busy.when.do.i.breathe.land.  Yes, that land exists.  Work is crazy.  Two grad school classes with a tests and a few assignments thrown in have made it more fun.  Then on top of that, I got sick.  Like super sick I didn’t want to get out of bed, except for the fact I had to go sit on the toilet for like 20 minute intervals.  Nasty sick that no one wants.  From Thursday night until Sunday afternoon.  Like I almost went to the ER because I didn’t think I had any amount of substance left inside me and my tongue was so dry from being dehydrated.  I downed a whole bottle of pedialyte on Sunday morning and still didn’t pee.  What?!!  Milk supply FAIL. 

But guess who didn’t even seem to notice?  My sweet little boy, Charlie.  He’s literally the highlight of my day.  Especially the bad ones.  I look forward to the laughs he gives me in the evenings and the snuggles before he goes to bed.  He was so sweet to sleep so well when I was sick I wanted to like give him a gold star.  He’s pretty much my favorite. 

He’s got his downward dog position mastered and acts like he’s ready to take off, but then chickens out.  It’s pretty fun to watch him and anticipate every move.  And he’s over 7 months now – but you wouldn’t know that because I haven’t had a second to even think about blogging.  It really sucks because I love blogging so much.  It’s my outlet.  Someday soon, right?  I am going to catch up on my weekly posts and monthly ones.  I will, I will.  But until then, here is me and my sweet boy one morning before work sporting his “Mom’s little trouble maker” shirt.  He’s no trouble maker {yet}, but he’s going to be one heart breaker.

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