Monday, March 25, 2013

Mommy and Me...#Easterfail

Again, I'm thankful for this weekly I'm sorry if its annoying, but it really does help to make sure I snap a pic of me and my little man each week. Even if its last minute like this one was. But I like this image because this is looking at the mirror right above Charlie's changing table in his room. I worked hard on painting this mirror white (was a bronze) and even more work went into getting it hung. The first time we tried to hang it, my dad and Jimmy were trying to pound it into the wall and it broke. Pregnant me was heart broken because I like the mirror and it went with the circle theme of his room. But I didn't want my dad to see how upset I was- but he knew. He went above and beyond to get the broken mirror and took it to a shop to get it fixed/repaired and made it easier to hang on the wall. It was pretty much the last thing that went up in his nursery, but it's one of my favorites.  Yep, my dad is the best and still knows how to make his baby girl happy!

 We look at it and smile and laugh almost every time I change his diaper. I can usually always get a few sweet smiles out of him, which is my favorite first thing in the morning.

Space man PJs and he loves my phone....

In other news, everyone in mommy blog land (and non-blog land, I just see it on everyone's blogs!) is preparing and sharing their Easter baskets and outfits. The truth??? I really thought Easter was last Sunday. Oops. So I had gone to target well in advance, picked up an Easter basket and some goodies for our little man (well kind of, more like a basket for him and candy for us....). And guess what? All that candy/sweets? Well it's already gone - oops. I did get him a cute tie and bow tie from the dollar section at Target. So what now?? Amazon Prime to the rescue!!! I have a few things that he I need like a place mat thing for when he goes out to eat and some snack containers...There you have it my friends, the truth of a working mom who is going out of town this week and just doesn't have time to shop....that is what it's for right??! 

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