Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Story Friday: Photo Hunt (mom version)

In college, my friends and I played the "nudie" photo hunt like it was our job.  Literally.  We knew the bars that had it and we went there, parked ourselves in front of the screen and would try to beat the high score and we usually did.  We would assemble the perfect team of people (around 4) that would be able to catch all 5 differences in the pictures immediately.  While maybe inappropriate (and why when Jimmy and I try to find it at bars in KC - it's only at like 2), the "nudie" version of photo hunt seemed to be WAY easier than the normal photo hunt.  Weird, but man it was so fun to get the high score and then head to the next bar and repeat.  We were cool in college if you couldn't tell from this snippet.

This is not anything "nudie", as this is a somewhat appropriate and PG blog.  However, can you spot the main difference in the pictures below (sorry that I look creepy in them - didn't think I was going to post on my blog but just send to my mom and sister - but turned out it's too amusing not to share and just part of being a nursing mom I guess)...

 Just one difference really...
I'm guessing you spot it.  I have a tank top underneath my shirt in the one on the right and not on the left.  But really the one on the left, I have a tank top on, it was just pulled down. So you can literally see my bra (luckily it was nude colored!).

Oh mom friends - you will understand this all too well.  I went downstairs yesterday to the "mom's room" at work to pump at noon before a 12:30 meeting.  I was in a hurry, forgot to pull my tank top back up over my bra after I was done pumping.  I literally walked around like this and sat in a 2 hour meeting, talked to several people, etc. all with a pretty much see through shirt on.  Awkward?  Yes.  Did I care?  For like 5 seconds, and then realized I am lucky that in the last 5 months of pumping at work I've only done this 2 times (yes, I've done it before...but the over shirt was not while and pretty much see through...).  I am sure it could have been a lot worse, right?  I am also lucky because I had a cardigan over this shirt.  BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#workingmom #breastfeedingproblems #OMG

Those are the hashtags that fit so nice.  Oh the things we do for our children.

Any other breastfeeding mamas have embarrassing stories like that?  I KNOW YOU DO!  Please share.  Because everyone needs a good laugh on a Friday, right?

PS - I really want to play photo hunt.  Pi Phi friends, you in?

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  1. hahaha, hilarious! you're right though, it could be way worse. i am impressed you've only had those two slip ups! my friend is a lawyer and was walked in on by a male associate while pumping! hahah, it doesn't get much worse than that! xo

  2. Amazing!

    I really want to go to the bars now. :)

  3. I miss photo hunt!!!! If you had a tile background in these pics it would be perfect :)

  4. Bahahahaha! The tank top story is hysterical. I had an almost run in with my boss trying to open the door of the mother's room/snack closet while I was nursing. Luckily, we never saw each other, but the screams, fear and exchanging of words was SO embarrassing!