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Charlie: 7 months old!

All of a sudden - we had a 7 month old.  It came and went just like that.  And it was weird because in February there is no 31st day, so it was confusing to me when he was "really" 7 months old.  So because of that, this has taken another 2 weeks to post.  Haha.  Really, that's not the excuse, but we have just been living life that it took me a few days to take the pictures and then a few days to write this post.  But worth the wait.

From 6 to 7 months old, I feel like you've become such a "big kid".  From the things you are doing to just the way you look.  Your personality is coming through and it's just so fun to see.  You are still pretty happy for the most part and continually do things that crack me and your dad up. It's making me happy and sad all at the same time.

Here's the list of what you are doing now...

  • You started getting teeth.  Since I'm late writing this, you have teeth now...but as of 7 months you still didn't have actual teeth.  But teething was in FULL force.
  • Your talking has transformed into lots of "da-da" and "ba-ba".  Yep, you are saying da-da, not necessarily directed at your dad...but he still loves it so much.
  • You roll all over.  Front, back, side to side.  I feel like we put you down on your back in one spot and I turn around and you are across the room.
  • You love your toys still a lot, but also seem to love everything that is NOT a toy.  Your favorite thing this month that has made its way into your toy box?   A kitchen spoon.  You bang it, you eat it and throw it around.  Easily entertained.
  • Well, we made the move to a new school.  It was MUCH harder than I ever thought it would be. Literaly the first 2 days when we picked you up I sat in the back seat and cried my eyes out because I thought we made a bad choice moving you.  Little did I know, someone else has a plan for us and it was absolutely the best thing for all of us.  Miss Shirley and Miss Tamala are your favorite teachers and they seriously love you so much.  Your friends are great and we love it too. Best decision ever at such a good time because your eating has skyrocketed...
  • Speaking of eating...when you started at your new school you started taking 4, 5 ounce bottles.  You used to take just 3, 4.5 ounce bottles.  That's crazy.
  • On top of your bottles of breast milk at school, you started eating lots and lots of solids this month.  Your teachers have been great at guiding and reading you on this.  You now eat 3 meals a day of solids.  Breakfast is usually oatmeal or rice cereal and a fruit.  Then for lunch a veggie and fruit and then something of those sorts for dinner when we get home.  You also eat a snack at school.  That's usually puffs or yogurt melts.  There is a funny story about you stealing puffs.  I need to write that on here.  It makes me laugh.  
  • Nursing is still my favorite.  Except you are still a little distracted still but we are working through it.  But the morning feeding and right before's just you and me time and I love it.  I take in your smell and your soft skin and just think about how much I love you.  Such a lucky mom.  On the weekends, we usually go every three hours or so but it's still on demand every once and a while.  As much of a schedule person as I am...I like that we eat whenever.
  • We made 2 trips to the doctor during this month.  One for your 6 month check up and then once right after the huge snow storm.  You were literally throwing up all day long and I figured you had a stomach bug.  But then I started freaking out that you might get dehydrated because you were throwing everything up, so we took you in.  A really nice male pediatrician (that we might change you to) confirmed it was a bug and said breast milk was the best medicine.  Done and done.  
  • This month your poops totally transformed.  You are now a solid pooper and it blew us away.  With the texture and the new smells.  No going back from here...
  • You are a good sleeper.  You will go like a week sleeping 11 hours a night without waking up and then BOOM - you get sick or you get a tooth or your stomach hurts and then you wake up once a night.  But I'll take it.  We're still working on your wake up time.  Lately you have been waking up early and I'm not a fan because I like to be ready before you get up.
  • You are a pro at sitting up and because of that the world has changed for us.  Going out to eat is a whole new experience because you sit in a high chair now.  And you have started maneuvering from sitting up to an all fours position.  Crazy.
  • 9 month stuff mostly on your clothes (you can still squeeze into a few 6 month ones).  But towards the end of the month, we had to change all your PJs to 12 months (WHAT!?!?) because you are too long for the 9 month ones.  
  • You are still moving all over the crib at night.  You like sleeping on your side a lot and when we lay you in your crib that's immediately how you position yourself.  During naps at school you are usually flipped on your tummy.
  • For your naps during the weekend at home, you take 2 somedays and then 3 others.  I feel like I would be more upset that you weren't more consistent with these, but since our weekend schedules are sometimes not as consistent, it's nice that you kind of roll with us.
  • Still rocking those size 3 diapers.  Looking good little man.
  • Your new favorite toys are Scout and the Scout lap top.  And what you really love?  You like it when all your toys are in the toy basket.  Then you sit there and take all of them out one at a time.  Then you flip the basket over.  Mom puts the toys back in and then repeat.  It's pretty fun and makes you seem so independent because you are quite content doing it over and over again.

Here are some of the fun bear pictures for 7 months.  Yes Aunt Lyndsay, it was a great purchase!!

The top one on the left cracks me up.  He looks so angry.  And then of course he started moving along. And check out the picture I snapped at the end.  He was on the move to get Milly.  On all fours...oh jeez.  Who knows what this next months will bring...

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