Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

Today is Jimmy and I's second wedding anniversary.  It is so crazy to me how it's already been 2 years, but then again it feels like it was a long time ago (check out last year's post here)!!!  Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave work I was thinking that 2 years ago on April 9 we were heading to our rehearsal at St. Joe Catholic Church and I had a minor freak out when my alphabetized name cards all became un-alphabetized...because I was crazy.  Luckily Lauren was there to calm me down.

Well, today I'm headed off to Cleveland, OH for a work meeting tomorrow morning.  So sad we don't get to spend the evening of our anniversary together - but we did get to celebrate this weekend with a delicious dinner on Saturday night and really, I think we are just lucky every other day we get to spend together, so one night away is nothing!!!

To think that last year I was able to squeeze into my wedding dress and cook Jimmy dinner - I think at 6 months pregnant....pretty sure that won't be happening.  Haha!   But how excited we are to share this day together as we continually get ready and prepared for this sweet baby boy to make his entrance to the world and into our lives!

I feel like the last week has been themed by country music songs, but really there was one that stood out to me that my sister and I heard last Friday night in concert by Darius Rucker..."History in the Making".  He talks about how there are those moments in every relationship that you get that feeling that they are memories and moments you want to hold on to and never forget.  I'm going to list 7 of those moments over the last 7 years (almost 7.....really 6.5) that we have been dating.  Moments that are so special to me with Jimmy that I will never forget.

7. This one has got to be (of course) the night we met at the Hawk.  From Jimmy coming up to me at the Hawk and the infamous "you're hot" comment to ending up staying up all night long talking on his truck bed until the sun came up.  That is absolutely a memory that was the beginning of something special and something I never ever want to forget.  Actually the other night we replayed that night to each other through our eyes - pretty fun and funny!!

6. Our cruise to Miami in spring of 2006.  The funny thing about this memory is that it's not even the cruise (even though we LOVED that)...but the horrific travel nightmare we had to endure to get there.  It was truly a moment that I fell in love with Jimmy and could see a future with him.  From canceled and changed flights, to lost luggage, to riding the train from the Miami airport to the Fort Lauderdale airport at 5AM.  I was about to lose it.  Jimmy kept it together, actually made it somewhat fun and amusing and kept me smiling the whole time.  And he continues to do that each and every day - especially in the midst of pregnancy haha.

5. 2007 was an interesting year for us.  It was awesome, as I graduated and we had a great time, but we also broke up.  While it is a hard memory to have, we do talk about it.  And you know what?  That moment when we broke up and I knew how sad I just made Jimmy and knowing how horrible I felt (he still thinks I was heartless in that whole thing, which I totally wasn't - cried LOTS of tears for a while).  But guess what?  Going through that and how we both handled it and went through the time apart.  That was something that was pivotal to our relationship and eventually drove us back together - because guess what?  Being without him was horrible.

6. When we finally got back together in 2008, the discussions we had were amazing and something that I never want to forget.  We were both nervous, but we were both in this again and we knew it was for the long haul this time.  The times we spent hanging out in my condo downtown and Jimmy meeting me for lunch when he worked at Carter Glass and then getting his job in Topeka.  I will NEVER forget either when we adopted Milly and Willy.  Wow, that process of looking for a wiener dog to adopt was quite a process indeed.  From visiting Wayside Waifs and crying the whole way home because "my dog" had already been adopted to having Jimmy convince me we needed to just go to Animal Haven to check out these 2 little wiener dogs that sounded cute but didn't have pictures online.  Well, finally adopting them, was prertty amazing and I would never have found them without Jimmy.  So thankful for that memory!!!  And him and those dogs!!

5. The next memory has to be getting engaged and buying a house together.  Both were a pretty big deal and happened in 2009.  Jimmy literally had the perfect proposal for us.  It was so special and a wonderful memory.  What was also a great memory that happened around the same time frame was buying our house.  Searching for a house that we could make our home and thinking of all the things that would happen someday in that house.  A few of those I was looking forward to was getting married and coming home to our house together and eventually bringing our baby home to this house.  I'm still looking forward to that second one!!!  Just a few more months!

4. Getting married and our honeymoon have to top the next one.  We were actually laying in bed this morning and I said "I wish we were back on our honeymoon".  And how true is that!  Even at 6 months pregnant with my belly growing, I would go back there in a second.  Ahhhhh- getting married.  So fun!!

3.  Celebrating our one year anniversary was pretty freaking fun.  I felt like that year just flew by.  And then going to Mexico with our friends just a few weeks following that for Courtney and Brian's wedding made the spring of 2011 pretty amazing......I loved being back in Mexico with jimmy and getting a massage and just hanging out on the beach/pool with the two of us and with our friends.  I love these moments together and never want to forget them.

2.  On November 28, 2011 - I told Jimmy that he was going to be a dad.  Ah, I'm pretty much tearing up thinking about this (hormones anyone??).  Just watching him jump up off the chair after he realized what the slideshow really was and what it was saying and just hugging me and not letting me go.  Yep, sitting in our family room of our first home sharing that news with each other and talking about the the future and how lucky we are - never ever will forget that moment.

1.  Finally, on March 14, 2012, we were sitting in the doctor's office at 8:30AM and got to see the glimpse of our sweet baby on the screen.  And it actually looking like a baby with a head, boy and legs and all organs in the right place and most important, overall healthy.  And when she pointed on the screen to his legs and asked us if we knew "what that is" - I started crying.  A little baby boy.  Our little baby boy.  Holding hands and feeling Jimmy squeeze my hand tight...know thing that we did this together and what a special feeling it was at that moment, I will always remember that.  And it is truly history in the making because how different our lives will be just one year from now with a sweet little growing baby boy in our home.

Well there you have it - my cheesy anniversary post where I confess my love for my husband.  We of course exchanged some awesome Hallmark cards this morning before we headed off our separate ways and they were pretty special.  I have to say Jimmy, you are pretty special and I am one lucky woman.  Cheers to many more years of marriage with you!!

Here's a quick picture from our date night at Bonefish Grill on Saturday night (which was SO good!!)

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  1. And now you have this preggo crying! Happy Anniversary Carters!