Friday, February 28, 2014

Hallelujah it is Friday!

YEAH!  Finally it's Friday and the weekend is here.  Hope you have some fun plans!


Again, linking up with DarciAprilNatasha and Christina for 5 on Friday!


I mean come on.  This kid and firemen PJs.  So freaking cute.

And his slippers?  Well - he loves them and it's hilarious because he just walks around with them staring at his feet.  Ah this age.


Have you seen my post about nap time projects?  One of them was adding these frames on knobs above our bed.  Of course this was Pinterest inspiration...but I think it's growing on me.


Girl clothes - oh my!!!

So this little lady got a few cute outfits already from some friends and family and I went to a consignment sale to get some stuff for her and her brother as well and I have to say that shopping for 2 kids + 2 genders is very different!  It's amazing how the little girl's clothes all match and have multiple pieces with them and then I go over to the 2T boys section and grab a couple of t-shirts and shorts and call it a day.

All I have to say is I have a lot to learn and our checking account is going to suffer.

Ah - the cost of having cute accessories.


Another 2 kid topic - DOUBLE STROLLER.

I have been looking at reviews on the Internet, etc. and can't quite figure out what works best for our family with a toddler that doesn't like to sit down for long periods of time and a soon-to-be-baby that will need to be in an infant seat for a while.  Hm...

So do we do a legit double stroller like the City Mini (which we have a single of already)?

Or more of a "stand and ride" or "sit and stand" version like this Graco?

I'm just worried about investing in a wide double stroller with a toddler that doesn't like to sit.  The latter won't be ideal for walks, which we will likely do a lot this fall...but once I go back to work not that much.  HMMM.  Decisions, decisions.  Any thoughts on anyone that has bought one already??  I just really need something that is easy to maneuver and get in/out of the car and not too heavy.

(P.S. I don't jog by myself, let alone with 2 kids - so no, I don't need a jogger or off-terrain!)


I love following Money Saving Mom so much.  And even more exciting?  She showed up on the 25 most influential people in Kansas list too.  Who knew?  How fun that she is from Kansas!!

She lists out every week free e-books to download and I downloaded a free copy of this one last week and have been reading at night and it's a great way to spend the last part of my evening.


It's $2.51 to download now...but that's still a steal!!  So get the book AND follow her blog for great deals like that each week and some great budgeting ideas.


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  1. For the strollers personally I preferred one like the Graco, a double wide was only good for us for outside, so if you ever took it anywhere indoors, it pretty much doesn't fit through any doorways/aisles. When my girls were about 2 and 6 months old, our 2 year old preferred to walk with us anyways when we went on walks, so we rarely even used a double stroller at all!

    1. Thank you! That's pretty much how Charlie is already and I thought the double ones looks really wide!!

  2. I would personally suggest a stroller more like the Graco, we have a baby trend double that turns into a sit and stand and I love it! And your cutie looks so adorable in those pjs!

    1. Thanks Lizzie - I will check that one out!

  3. Gosh, now you have me questioning whether we even need a double stroller! Brantley likes to ride his push car thing on walks...and quite honestly, he'd probably prefer walking than riding in a stroller anyway. The only time I foresee me needing a double stroller is when I take both kiddos with me on errands this summer. Decisions, decisions...

    1. I know! I have been going back and forth on it because I figured I would want them side by side, but honestly Charlie doesn't like to sit so I figure if I don't have to spend all that $$ on something that I might not get a lot of use at. Hmm - let me know what you decide!