Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bathtime fun

While we did try putting Maddie's baby bath in Charlie's big bath tub (in the bathroom they share) a few times - for now, until Maddie learns how to sit...which I'm guessing won't be but a few months or so (CRAZY!)...we do separate bath times.  We usually do them at the same time and I do Maddie's and Jimmy does Charlie's...but lately Maddie has been getting tired earlier, so we are doing hers first and Charlie loves to help out!!  It's so cute!!

Here are some sweet bath time pictures from the other night!

Jimmy is explaining the "neck monsters" that Maddie has under her chin that we have to clean and get out.  As you can see - Charlie is checking out his own neck monsters....

Maddie's all like "oh no you didn't boys...."

And then off they go cleaning sweet Maddie and giving her a bath.

I mean there really might not be anything sweeter than this!  It makes me sad for her to out grow this tub, which will happen so soon.  But so interested to see what Charlie thinks when he gets a buddy to bathe with!!

Siblings are the best.

(*note: all private parts were attempted to be covered in fear of future embarrassment of my sweet daughter.  However, please note I tried to not cover up her amazing thigh rolls.  I love babies.*)

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