Saturday, November 8, 2014

This is our life

Unknowingly, while I was attempting to film Maddie rolling over - I caught a somewhat hilarious - yet true - glimpse into our lives.

This video entails the following real life scenarios:
  • Me talking/encouraging our kids with my annoying mom voice
  • Demonstrates how incredibly nosy, up in our business and annoying our dogs are
  • How Charlie is completely impatient...
  • How Charlie loves to wrestle
  • And so much more

So like my friend Emily always says - she likes to hang out with us because it reminds her how "normal" life with kids is.  Thank you, Emily, I take that as the ultimate compliment.  Even when it means that you come over and feel good that we have dirty diapers sitting here and there.

Yes, that really does happen regularly at our house.  As long as it's not poopy.  PU.  Also we are watching Ratatouille - we don't normally listen to classical music in the background I promise.

Happy weekending friends!

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  1. I love everything about this. Amazing.

  2. I'm literally laughing out loud. Can we please get our four children together when I'm in town on the 13th? And then we'll record it and be horrified/entertained/so in love with our real life together.

  3. Oh my gosh, way too cute!! I seriously love this so much! Brings back memories of Mia being this little :) Oh how I miss that time of our life (even though I love this stage soooo much! I just wish they didn't grow so fast!)

  4. Haha finally catching up on some blogging and this adorable video! Love the craziness!