Sunday, November 16, 2014

Maddie gets baptized

So today - I was upstairs in our bedroom feeding Maddie. I wore a dress (which I never do because it's not nursing friendly) and Maddie needed her diaper changed, clothes changed and to be fed.  She had bee so patient while I was getting the food ready for everyone to eat right when we got home from church.  I was sitting there feeding her and listening to the chaos downstairs.  It was loud - filled with lots of kids running around and screaming, lots of adults talking and catching up and most important - lots of love.

Sitting there in silence feeding my sweet girl listening to everything that was going on downstairs - I was just so so happy.  Happy that we decided to move last summer.  Happy that we found the house - that is now turning into our home.  And loving all these important family events that we have the space to celebrate in.  We have questioned many times in the last year and a half if we did the right thing.  But at that moment - I knew we had.  And I knew God had this moment in mind when the seed was planted in our minds in May of 2013 to possibly move.  We didn't know we would even have this other sweet baby bless our lives at that time - but He knew.  And I'm so thankful for that because today was just wonderful.  Celebrating our sweet girl getting baptized, becoming an official member of our wonderful church and the covenant between her and God.

And guess what else?  Unknowingly when I was emailing the church secretary about dates for her baptism earlier this fall, I picked November 16.  Which happens to be exactly almost 2 years to the day when her older brother was baptized.  Not planned - but kind of fun too.  I'm all about these little hints that God is with us. 

On to sweet Maddie.  Pastor Jason baptized her and along with our family, Tim and Shellie (Jimmy's oldest brother and his wife) also stood up there with us because we asked them to be Maddie Godparents- and we are so lucky that they said yes.  They are pretty special people and she's one lucky girl!!

These were great candid shots my sister was taking - haha.  Maddie decided to grab a fistful of my hair before I handed her off to Pastor Jason.  He made a funny comment - and I...

...well I made a funny face!

Sweet Maddie did so great.  Didn't even cry one bit - even when some water got in her eye!!  

So proud of our sweet girl!!!

And then - I made everyone stay a little bit after and take pictures.  I know, right?  Jimmy was making a big stink out of it taking "so long".  But I am so glad we will forever have these pictures with some of the most important people in her lives on such a special day!!  We are so blessed to have such amazing families and support system - and even better they are all in Kansas City!

With Nana and Papa and then Grana and Pops!!

Our sweet family!

Tim and Shellie - and their amazing family!!  All big Maddie fans!!

Maddie with all her grandparents!

The original Bruns family + Jimmy!

After church - we invited everyone over to our house for a yummy brunch!  I had a lot of fun planning this menu.  I went very simple on decor.  It was actually the same banner I used for Charlie's baptism party - ha.  Thank goodness for this blog because I knew I had a banner for him and couldn't remember where I got it - went back to the old blog post and saw it was from Party City.  So I went there and got a pink one, put stickers on that said "God Bless Madeline" and put out some Costco brownie bites and my mom got some lemon bites from Sprouts and we called it a day.  I framed her baptism invite and birth announcement.  Very inventive, right?  I think it looked great!!

And then all the fun.  This time I actually took pictures of the party (in Charlie's post I didn't...haha).

The new table (post on that later- so excited!!) looks really good in use with the Carter cousins!

Kenlie and Maddie love this.

We had a yummy brunch with the following menu:

Here were some of the recipe links - they were all really good - in particular the fruit salad - the vanilla pudding surprise element was delicious!

Some of the crowd (ps I painted those stools the same white as the chairs tonight!!) - including Jimmy who already changed into his Chiefs jersey.  Haha.

Thanks to all those who came - mainly our families but also a few of our good friends!  Vanessa even made it to church after a week of everyone being sick - so sweet of them!!  What a special day for Maddie (and us!)!

And then I found this picture on my phone.

Ha.  Oh Jimmy and his sweet baby girl.

So thankful for God's love and his constant presence in our lives,  And for my sweet husband and babies - I tell you what - they make every day on this Earth worthwhile!!

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  1. Aww Happy Holy Day to sweet Maddie! She looked so beautiful! And you're right, hubbies and babies definitely make everyday worthwhile!

  2. Love this! Maddie did so good today and you made me laugh! Haha!