Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday

This week was SO long it felt like, but then all of a sudden Friday is here.  

TGIF - seriously!

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So my husband was so sweet and surprised me with these beauties randomly.  I mean is that not great or what?  We did have to get a half size bigger - but now that I have them I am nervous to wear them.  I just need to figure out how to wear them with skinny jeans!!!


So I'm reading this book.  On and off every once and a while when I pump during the day.  I am finally starting to get into it!!  I haven't seen the movie - so I'm excited to get more into this book!  Anyone else read it and love it!?


Breastfeeding.  I love it.  But when you work full time, that means that you pump like non stop.  I mean seriously.  There are some days I feel like that's all I do. 

Then you take the milk you pump and put it in bags in the freezer.  Man oh man.


Maddie is getting baptized next week so we tried her outfit on this week.  I mean how sweet is she!??  

We have the gown, just need to get the menu for the brunch and get the food and we are done!!  Can't wait for next week!!!


I finally have storage on my phone to take videos.  So here are a few from this week!

One of Maddie laughing (and my obnoxious voice)...

And another of Charlie dancing to shake it off - his favorite song ever.  Let it go is a close second....

at the end you get a glimpse of what he now says 24/7 - "mom, mommy, what's that?  what are you doing?" haha - this kid!

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  1. I love those shoes! And that is such a good book, I think you'll like it!

  2. oh that little baptism dress is so sweet, love it!

  3. I have the Toms wedge booties in black and them! The ones you got are adorable too, now I want those haha! Love her little baptism precious!

  4. And pumping...yeah. About that. Ugh! So annoying but so worth it!