Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday- thankful!

Since we are almost halfway through the month of November (wait - how did that happen?), this post is just a few things I am thankful for on a daily/weekly basis!!!

Thought I would get in the spirit!!


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I love my friends.  I might be biased, but I think they are the best.  From way back when to more recent friends- I'm blessed to have some really great friends in my life.  And what's fun is seeing Charlie make friends.  Whether that be at school- his favs there are Addie and Kate- or from my friend's's so fun to watch them get to know each other and play and interact!  Which is why I'm so thankful two of my best friends now live less than 5 minutes from us!  It's so fun to just pop in and play or run to lunch together on a weekend afternoon!

Charlie and Jack love hanging out at chick fil a! And Arden and Charlie got in some playtime last Friday night!  All while I sit and chat with my best friends- love it!!



This is something that i will never take for granted. We have been blessed healthy babies and kids and we are so thankful for that.  At Maddie's 4 month check up, her pediatrician said that she loved when she got to have these kind of appointments (I.e. Chunky babies that are healthy!) and I realized again how blessed we are.  Praying for ongoing health to bless our families and friends!


Brrrr it's cold this week in Kansas City!! It was like 65 on Monday and then winter came and it has lingered around freezing all week with 1-5 inches of snow expected on Saturday (what?!?).  With that said - I hit up target like everyone else apparently to get some cold weather gear for my kids (who seem to grow every year- what's up with that?!).   While most things were sold out- they had this amazing minion hat the perfect Charlie size. And he loves it! I'm hoping that means he will want to wear it!!

But I realize some people in our own communities cannot afford cold weather gear and heat/fires might not be in their budget.  Or they might not even have a roof over their head.  I'm so thankful for the roof over our head, the fact that I can turn our heater on without even thinking about it and flip our fireplaces on and off with a flip of a switch to give us some extra warmth!



As we get ready to celebrate Maddie getting baptized this weekend, I'm thankful for our families and the love and support they give to us!!  We always have a full group around to support each other and we are so blessed to have all of our siblings for both me and Jimmy in Kansas City!



This one has been pulling at my heart a lot lately.  As many of my friends prepare to go back to work for the first time after their first baby, I've realized in talking with many of them just how lucky we are to have the means to drop out kids off at a safe place everyday in the hands of teachers that will love them and take care of them just like they are their own.  

There are so many moms (and dads) that have to leave their kids and might not feel so great about it but don't have another choice.  I read an article this week about extreme daycare (24/7 daycare geared at parents working odd shifts or multiple jobs with pick up and drop off all hours of the day/night) and it really hit me hard.  I love the school my two babes go to and feel so blessed that we found it and were able to get in right after we moved.  The teachers are wonderful, the facilities are clean and safe and I really feel like they love it.  Makes it SO much easier to go to work and have a good day feeling like that!!

And I mean look at all the fun pictures we get of them throughout the day!!

So there you have it- just a few things I'm thankful for!!!  So many more things as well each and every day!

Happy Friday friends!

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