Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FOUR months old!!

Length:  26 5/8 inches (holy tall!) (98%)
Weight:  16 lbs 4 ounces (90%)
Head: 16.5 inches (85%)

Maddie was four months old Tuesday, November 4!!  I'm a little late actually posting this - however, I have had it written since last week when we took these pictures, just wanted to wait until her doctor's appointment today to get the official stats.  As this is her "baby book" for now, I wanted it to be official and not forget to update after the fact!

  • You have the cutest smile and you are not afraid to share it.  You will smile and whomever smiles at you or makes a funny face!
  • So we have had a few nights of sleep regressions - but that is expected with the 4 month sleep regression, right?  Paired with the daylight savings time change...we had a rough few nights here and there, but I'm not complaining because you are a great sleeper.  So much better than your brother!  And remember how I said we were too lazy to get you in your crib? Well, we finally tried harder and put you in your crib and wahla.  Just like that, you decided you like it and now you're sleeping there at night. Ok so literally the night after I wrote this...your sleep changed and you apparently hit the 4 month sleep regression.  With all your new tricks you are learning, you seem to not want to sleep.  So we have resorted to anything and everything - including back to the rock n play some nights!  Hoping this doesn't last long - at least I know it won't forever.  Your doctor did say you are big enough to cry it out - which breaks my heart, but I know that we did it one night with your brother and by the next night he somehow figured how to put himself back to sleep when he woke up and we were all happy.  We will see when we try this with you - I still think you need a little more time! 
  • Still rocking those size 2 diapers
  • For sure 6 month clothes and 6-9 months.  Finally had to retire anything 3 months because you are SO long and you were ripping the snaps.  Ha!
  • Taking 3 or 4 5-ounce bottles per day at day care or nursing on demand on the weekends/nights (usually 3 hours, but sometimes longer sometimes shorter).  Overall, you love eating and I love feeding you.
  • You rolled over BOTH ways.  Way to go sweet girl!!!  You love showing off your new tricks too and seem to roll over every which way every time I put you down!  No more hanging out on the bed for you - only the floor for safety sake!!!

Things you like:

  • Love love love your breastmilk.  From any source at any time you will take it!!  Way to go girl - I was worried about you going back and forth between bottle and breast since you started day care just after 2 months old, but you have had no issues at all.
  • Making goofy faces and smiling at your mom/dad/brother/teachers.  You finally have giggled and it's just the sweetest sound I have ever heard.
  • Thankfully, you and your big brother are just the best of friends.  You stare at him constantly.  I cannot wait until he realizes that he's looking at you because he will be "funny" for you.
  • You love the wubanub so much - and so do we.  What in the world did we ever do when Charlie didn't take a pacifier?
  • You love taking a bath.  And you like it better when Charlie helps too!!  
  • The exersaucer and the johnny jump up.  I cannot believe you are old enough for these things already - but you love them and it keeps you very entertained with all the toys and bouncing up and down!

Things you don't like:
  • When you have to burp
  • When you have to poop/have gas
  • Lately when it's time to go to sleep
  • Other than that - I swear you are just so cute and so happy!!!

Special memories:
  • You started sleeping consistently in your crib!  After my last post where I said you were still in the rock n play sleeping full time...when we tried to put you in your crib you are finally getting the hang of it and will stay in it all night!
  • Your first Halloween!!!!  You made an adorable little Jessie doll!!
  • Ummmm - you rolled over from your tummy to your back in front of both sets of grandparents and us!  It was so fun and unexpected!  And THEN at four months + two days you randomly rolled from your back to your stomach.  Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I turned around and you were rocking tummy time!!  Way to go girlfriend!!!
  • First road trip to the lake with the Bruns family (and shopping at the outlet mall!)

A note to our girl:

This month FLEW by.  Holy cow!!  Fall is always busy, but as I went back to work full time and you to school full time and then add on the Royal's going to the world series and then Halloween - October flew by and just like that you are four months old.  Please slow down!

It's so crazy to think of our lives without you.  Our family is just so much more fun with you in it.  Your brother is just the sweetest to you - he likes to bring you your toys, your pacifier, etc. all the time.  And you?  Well you love him and could watch him all day long.  It's pretty cute.  It makes me so excited to see you grow up together.  The sweetest!

I just love how much you love me and you remind me so often of why being a mom is just so great.  It's hard work, but you are worth every second of it.  We love you so much and can't wait for some fun upcoming events that you will experience for the first time - Thanksgiving, Christmas and just growing up.  Still cannot believe you are already rolling over girlfriend - now we have to keep an extra careful eye on you!!

Your parents


Maddie and Charlie at 4 months:

Girlfriend is ALL about her hands these days!

I feel like the look on her face on the left picture is just the beginning.  *oh my* and then she gets all dramatic with "no pictures please".  Sheesh!

But then she sat here for like 15 minutes sucking on this chew toy thing while Charlie was all over her and she didn't even notice.  Good thing babies are resilient!


Selfie with dad

They just love Papa!

Big girl in the big stroller!

I love when she wakes up a little early and I feed her and snuggle with her in bed.  AHH!

And baby girl cardigans and camo leggings.  I die of cuteness. 

The BEST laundry partner.

Sitting in the high chair at school and watching fireworks with mom and aunt Lulu.

She loves tutus!!!  

Halloween night fun with mom.  She's just the best!


Little miss after she surprised me and rolled over!!!

Loving time at school!!!

Meeting sweet Nash!!  At four months older than him - you tower over him in size now, but I'm sure it won't take long for him to catch up!!  So glad to have baby friends!

playing with your big bro and pulling his hair!!

Charlie likes to help make sure you bounce just right...

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  1. She is just too sweet! She's getting so big, time is really flying, huh?! What is she sleeping in? I think I need to transition Avery from being swaddled (Nooooooooo!!) and am looking for things people like :)