Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween day and night fun!

Halloween came and went.

It was fun. We were exhausted (per usual these days) but it was a first fun holiday as a family of four in the books!!

Maddie started off the day helping mom pump in her cute Jack o lantern outfit!!

I attempted to be crafty, Pinterest mom and use Halloween cookie cutters to make Halloween shaped pancakes.  This is how they turned out.  But guess what?!? Charlie ate them right up. Love kids!

Neither jimmy or I had costume contests at work- which after working at hallmark for five years where the creative department goes all out, it was a little different! But my work had plenty of candy lingering around from the kids trick or treat fun they hosted the afternoon before! 

Charlie's class had a party at 3:30 that I was a little late to (as always) but we both ended up making it and it was fun to see him with all his friends!!!  And of course, all his friends moms that we have gotten to know!

This is where I found my sweet girl. Hahah. Passed out from too much fun.  Oh and she loved her tutu! 

After school- we headed home for some mummy wrapped hot dogs (crescent rolls) that Charlie had a good time helping me make!! My sister and Casey came over to eat and then we headed to our neighborhood parade!!

It's seriously the most ridiculous and fasted most unorganized parade ever.  But I love it.  I mean it's hilarious!!  So fun to see all these kids in our neighborhood!!

And can we talk about how it was freezing?? What the heck?! 

But my sweet girl loved snuggling!!

And guess what? We found a Buzz Lightyear!!!

And his name was Charlie too!! Ha!

Then it was time to head home and then go trick or treating!!  (It was cold!)

Charlie got the hang of it pretty fast!  The whole getting candy for free he was in for!

But it was cold (can I mention that again?), so Maddie and I headed home to pass out candy.  She was a great helper! 

When Woody got him, he wanted to help passing out but also eat the candy!!!

The it was time for baths, selfies and bed!!!  Thank goodness! 

The next day- these 2 woke up all smiles. One of them filled with candy in his belly and sugar in his veins... 

  Overall it was a good holiday!!  Very different from Halloween without kids- but seeing Charlie learn the concept of trick or treating and greeting our neighbors was pretty priceless!!

It's hard to believe next year Maddie will be almost 16 months old- holy cow!!!

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