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2014 thanksgiving fun

I'm not sure how it's possible that November is over and I'm writing a recap of our thanksgiving weekend fun- but here we are. Another month of 2014 in the books and another great holiday with our families!!!

We kick off thanksgiving every year on Wednesday night at Jimmy's parent's house.  Last year, I took off the Wednesday before thanksgiving (mainly bc I was just finding out I pregnant..), but this year we both hurried home, swooped up the kiddos from school and off we went- cheeseball and pumpkin dip in hand!

First things selfies.  Ha.  It's just so crazy because our nieces and nephews are seriously growing up SO fast!  They know and love selfies- so us adults partake (and we love it too....)

Then Libbie, our oldest niece, came over and asked to hold Maddie.  I said yes and off they went!  Pretty cool to have so many older cousins and now they are old enough to take care of their younger cousins!!

Everyone in the kitchen!  And you can kind of see the view of Sue's awesome table settings.  She always has everything looking so nice. Such a fun tradition!

The first hour we were there Charlie was whining the whole time and hanging off jimmy and I- so so unlike him when other kids are around to play with...especially his cousins. I was worried at first something was wrong.  Apparently all it took was Uncle Tim and cousin Ben rough housing him to get in the mood to play.  After this incident - he was unstoppable running around everywhere.   Thank goodness because Jimmy and I were sick of having him hang off our legs!

Before dinner - there was a sweet little tea party that Katy and Norah put on!

When I came over - they were going on and on how Maddie LOVED the tea.  Haha!  Seriously - these kids have the best cousins ever.


Before dinner - it was time to break the wishbone.  I love this moment between Libbie and Ben and to see the look on their mom's face as they fight to break it!!  

After a yummy dinner - the wrestling began.  Always wrestling.

Then there was name picking for the kid's gift exchange which Libbie always heads up and then playing board games.  Maddie is working on sitting up and tried to join in the game! 

Finally - it was time for my favorite Thanksgiving tradition with the Carter's.  Grana's Christmas jammies.  She makes matching PJs for all 10 of the grandkids and the girls are matching and boys are matching.  So so cute! 

To cap off the night - there was DANCING to you tube videos (some of Charlie's favorites: Shake it Off, Happy by Pharrell and finally - LET IT GO).  Needless to say - we had to literally carrying him out to the car kicking and screaming because he didn't want to leave at 8:15 - about an hour after his bedtime.

And Maddie?  She didn't sleep a wink and was passed around to everyone and took it all like a champ.

However - the late bedtimes meant early wake ups for these kiddos and even earlier for their dad because he was in charge of the turkey cooking for my mom's side of the family Thanksgiving that we were hosting at 11AM.

I did give him heck because he was going to so much work buying all the fresh ingredients and prepping the turkey, etc. but man was it GOOD.  It was totally working it so thanks Jam!!

Got a picture of our food spread - it was delicious!

And a quick one of our table.  Oh this table.  I love you so much.  

And I love the centerpieces that Sue let us take with us to put on our tables!!  So nice!

Finally - a family picture to commemorate Thanksgiving 2014 and Maddie's first Thanksgiving!  Yes we deocrated for Christmas even though we hosted Thanksgiving.  Mainly because it's SO much work to put up decorations and for only a couple of weeks - no thank you!  We have been enjoying our tree for a while now!  And I've actually still been adding some decor.  Excited that red/teal/silver is our official Christmas colors!!

The next day - Black Friday.  We usually go shopping at the Legends the night of Thanksgiving, but this year we had already done some pre Black Friday shopping and I had to work a half day the next morning because the stock markets are open (why!?) mom went to work and dad was at home with both of them alone for the first extended period of time.  It was great.  Everyone was dressed, Maddie ate a bottle and napped.  Success dad!!

Then dad went to his happy hour with his brothers and Charlie, Maddie and I had our own happy hour at Sonic.

And watched lots of Frozen.  

PSA - holding your little sister while watching and singing Frozen never ends up good.


This time of the year is always SO hectic with family events and friend events and work events...the list goes on and on.  I've been doing shopping early and trying to stay ahead.  I am getting surgery on my foot on Thursday so will be in a boot for a while and moving a little praying that will force us to slow down more (since I'm literally slower) and enjoy the holidays!

Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving too!
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