Thursday, April 23, 2015

Double holy communion fun

This last weekend, in addition to celebrating Jimmy's 31st birthday at T-Rex, we also spent a lot of time with Jimmy's family celebrating our sweet niece, Kenlie, and our wonderful nephew, Eli, and their first communions in the Catholic church.  

I am SO sad I didn't get a full shot of Kenlie's gorgeous dress!  When we first walked into their house on Saturday afternoon (we were late because our kids actually decided to take somewhat long naps), Kenlie was walking down the stairs of their house and she looked like a little bride!  It made me tear up a little thinking of her being old enough someday to get married!!!  But luckily for me, Shellie posted a cute little collage of her at church with her dress.  It was gorgeous!!!

I did get this cute shot of this sweet girl at the party at her house though.  She loved the purse on her shoulder too.

And even better about the dress?  Grana (Jimmy's mom) made Kenlie's American Girl Doll a MATCHING first communion dress.  So Shellie had her on display on the table with other adorable pictures of Kenlie.  So so cute!!

And just like Ben's communion 2 years ago (which was the same weekend 2 years ago because it popped up on my time hop - so crazy how fast time flies!), we all sat around in the same spot to watch her open her cards and presents celebrating her special day.  She got her very own bible too, which is pretty special.  And some holy water!!  So she walked around the room letting people do the cross - but of course I messed up because I'm not Catholic - I just blanked, even though I know exactly how it goes!!!

Charlie always takes a little bit to warm up to so many people and kids before he goes off with the kids and starts playing, but once he does, we don't see him at all.  He had a blast in the basement wrestling with his cousins and even made some new friends with two of his cousin's cousins from Shellie's side (got that...??!!).

And Maddie's outfit??! Well it's 12-18 month from Gap and it's almost too small.  This girl is growing too fast! I'm glad I tried it on because now she's going to wear it all the time- it's so cute!

We are blessed to have lots of nieces and nephews - three of which are all in second grade this year (yep, all three my SILs were pregnant at once, which makes me wish I was pregnant with them at that time too - how fun!!  Now I just need to convince my younger SIL to get pregnant the same time as me next time!).  So that meant we celebrated another first communion the next day, this time for Eli.

And I about DIED when I saw him in a suit.  Oh my goodness.  Seriously the most handsome little man ever.  He even wore it most of the party!!

All the cousins were back to celebrate Eli together and play with new toys with each other, just like the day before.  And we got to watch him open all his presents/cards too.  In just two more years, I'm guessing we will be in that same place watching Eli's sister, Katy, do the same thing.  How fun!

And the weather was GORGEOUS.  I mean seriously.  So that meant, it was nice to gravitate outside, even though the Royal's game was on.  Charlie is obsessed with baseball lately and hitting the tee - so a few of the kids got together to play outside while Uncle Jimmy pitched.  

Even Maddie wanted to join in the fun!!!  These two boys love her so.  Jimmy and I were even talking on the way home on Sunday that our kids have no idea how lucky they are to have such amazing older cousins.  Older cousins that love them, teach them to do the right things, cousins that want to hang out with them.  So so lucky.  Built in best friends.  Can't get better than that!

At the end of the playing, Maddie apparently was done with dodging all the balls and escaped under the net!  And Eli came out to announce that the Royal's WON!!  Eli is a sports expert and a huge Royal's fan - so he was super excited and that made his special day even better.

Funny story - Shellie asked Eli what he thought the wine tasted like at communion and he said "metal" - hahaha!  I guess it kind of does for kids!  Haha!!

What a great weekend celebrating two special kiddos and their first communion - we are so blessed to have them and their families as part of our family too.

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