Friday, April 17, 2015

JAM is 31 years old: Five things

It's my main man's birthday today.  He is the ripe old age of 31 now.

Since it's Friday...why not do give things I love about him?  So here it goes!


He's still FUN and WILD.  

Case in point - he ran in a race from Boulevard Brewery in KC to Free State Brewery in Lawrence with some co-workers this weekend.  Drinking all day AND running?  That's fun and wild.

We had a pretty good time back in the day celebrating his 22nd birthday and on...with all our adventures before kiddos and a house, etc.   Case in point - this picture of date party senior year.  FUN and WILD.


He is still looking HOT.  Yep - true story.

After 5 years of marriage and 2 kids...while we have not been super healthy, we made a change at the beginning of this year and it's been awesome.  Both have been working out lots and eating healthy and it's making us both feel so good AND look good if I say so myself.

Pretty much we will look like we are this age in a month when we are in Mexico...



Haha this is an inside joke between us, but really he is.

Being a parent takes a lot of sacrifices and he does just that.  He has turned into the disciplinarian (which honestly neither of us ever foresaw that happening....), so I know it is so hard for him to have to put Charlie in his place/timeout/tell him what's right and wrong all the time.  But he does it and does it well.  He is the best and always has put others first, always his family too.


Oh Jimmy - he has "put up" with me for oh so long.  Almost 10 years to be exact.

And he continues to put up with my on-going lists I give him and sometimes ridiculous ideas.

Case in point, a few things I have had him up to in the last few weeks around the house have included hanging curtain rods (and re-hanging when I measured wrong...),

then painting the play room...

and the most crazy was when he had a Friday off and dared to ask if I needed him to do anything - and I said "yes, paint a stencil on the wall in our dining room".  Even though he called me to tell me I was crazy...but he did it and finished it and it looks amazing.

He's a trooper putting up with me for many reasons.


Loyalty and loving.  

These man is fiercely loyal to everyone he loves.  He loves his family so much - all of us - his kids, his brothers, their families, his parents, my parents, my sister and my extended family.  His love and loyalty know no bounds I swear. 

I have just loved seeing Jimmy grow up over the last 10 years and become the man he is today.  I love that he has the exact same friends that he did 10 years ago and I don't think that will ever change.  He would spend every minute with his family if he could.  His role as a father is just so amazing and he loves both our kids so much but also in their own special way.  Playing with Charlie and loving on Maddie - I have loved getting to see him as a boy dad, teaching Charlie to play catch and about sports and wrestling, but also being so sweet with Maddie and even going out of his way to buy her super cute clothes.  I mean he's the best.

While we are just going to eat at T-Rex in the Legends tonight (no party like we did last year!), I can't wait to celebrate with him.  And for him to open the presents that Charlie and Maddie picked out for him!!  Haha!!
Love you so much, Jimmy and cheers to 31 years!


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  1. This was so sweet! Your hubby sounds pretty great :)

  2. Such a sweet post! I LOVE the stencil on the wall!! I want to see more of the finished product!

  3. They may literally drive us crazy, but we do have some good hubbies! Cheers to 31 years Jimmy!

  4. This was so refreshing to have you tribute it to your husband. You are blessed. It is so important to let the man in our lives know how important they are to us. Linking up from Five on Friday.

  5. Nothing like a great hubby and daddy! Happy Birthday to your main man! :)