Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's up Wednesday?!

It's hump day and you made it half way through this week.  

Something to celebrate these days in my book - so you should too!!

I am joining a new link up on the last Wednesday of the month with some of my FAVORITE bloggers.  Mix and Match Family, Pinterest Told Me To and the Larson Lingo.

What we are eating this week...

I bought a groupon from Social Suppers (in Lenexa this time) a while back and used it last week to get us some freezer meals.  It's SUCH a steal when you use the groupon and in 20 minutes I had made 5 meals for our family for $40 and was headed home.   Pretty amazing!!!  This week we are having the slow cooker BBQ brisket tomorrow and fish tacos tonight.  (I also BURNED pizza from Papa Murphy's last night in case you are wondering - smoke everywhere, smoke alarm going off and now Charlie cannot stop telling me how he doesn't want his ears to hurt from the sound...)

What I'm reminiscing about...

When Maddie was a baby.  I know she'll only be 10 months old next week, but it seems like time has FLOWN by.  Watching her stand up and get ready to take her first well as the fact that I'm in the process of trying to wean (which I hate doing)...has been a killer combo on my mom emotions.  
I love when they grow up, but at the same time I love my sweet little babies...

What I'm loving...

The spring time weather in Kansas City.  AHHH - makes me so excited for summertime.

What we've been up to....
This past weekend was amazing.  We didn't have anything on our calendar, except soccer for 30 minutes.  So we got to spend some time at home together.  Went to Home Depot as a family and went out to dinner - which by the way we will never be doing again.  These kids - I swear.  Worst out to eaters ever (if that's possible).  Earlier this month was SO busy, so it was so nice to have a relaxing weekend to just be.

What I'm dreading...
My May = lots of travel.

It's exciting travel, but to be honest, I'm dreading leaving my kids.  I mean, I'm excited to sleep and to have some time alone of course...but I haven't been away from Maddie except just one night...and now that Charlie is older, he can tell you he misses you, which will just break my heart.  Going to a work conference first and then to Mexico with Jimmy.  Seriously, so excited for a nice breather, but so dreading saying "so long" to my sweet babes!!!

Their school pics and sweet faces....

In the mean time - I need to focus on how happy this resort will make Jimmy and I!!


What I've been working on....

I'm trying to make our landscaping appealing and plush.  Did some work this weekend and now this week too.

Ha - easier said than done when you don't have a green thumb.  But my mom brought over some plants and flowers for me to plant on Monday night and I got them in, but now just waiting for them to grow.  Charlie and I are out there every night watering them (which is a very fun activity together - I love it!).  Our sprinkler system isn't turned on yet until our backyard project starts, so we are doing it the old fashioned way trying to make them grow.

I also got some vegetable pods from Costco that I need to plant somewhere - just need to figure out a place that they will actually grow.  Jimmy is laughing about that - I'll prove him wrong!!

What I'm excited about...

Literally cannot WAIT for our backyard demo/project to begin.  Last I heard, the start date is next week (May 6), but our contractor has had to push us back a few times due to rainy weather pushing back his current projects.  I'm crossing my fingers that it really does begin next week.  

We are getting a new retaining wall, relocating the staircase, expanding our current concrete patio (replacing it) and getting a brand new one too - so lots more living space to play outside.  And the best part (because I'm a kid at heart)...we are taking the extra dirt and leveling out the top of our backyard for a playset.  We are getting the one from Costco that is in store and I love it.  

But check this one out on their website for a measily $15K - haha!!


What I'm watching/reading...

Scandal, Nashville and RHONYC are topping my list these days.

I'm also reading my friend, Adam Griffin's, new book.  I'm about half way through.  You should read it too.  It's a great story for all humans, as he says, and I will agree.  It's called the Guy at the Bar and it's about dealing with grief and life in general.  His wife is one of my good friends, as we all met in college.

Pick up your copy here.

What I'm listening to...
Have I told you I just LOVE Meghan Trainor.

No lie.  (haha - her song about lying)

But her music just makes me so happy with the fun beat and lyrics.  I listen to it all day at work.  

My favorite?  Dear future husband song.  It makes me laugh!

The new Zac Brown Band also came out this week!!

What I'm wearing...

I've been rocking some colored jeans this week and I'm loving them AND that I can fit into them thanks to the 21 day fix!!!

But I'm also on the hunt for a new swimsuit, cover up, shorts and a HAT!  For our beach trip.  I found this on Pinterest and I'll take all of them please....

Can someone just shop and pack for me please??  

What I'm doing this weekend...

My weekend kicks off on Friday at my sister's annual work event she puts on for the hospital she works at here in KC.  I cannot wait to go support her and all all the amazing things she has done!!! 

If you are in KC and looking for a fun event on Friday, check out the info here.

 And my aunt is coming in town from excited to meet her boyfriend and hang out with her.AND my cousin and his girlfriend are moving here!!

So much fun!!

What I'm looking forward to next month....

Does it count to say I'm excited that we survived April?  Ha.  Work is SO crazy in April, so I'll be thrilled when May is here.

But next month, I'm taking flight to a work conference in Orlando and then to Mexico with Jimmy.  So besides the fact that I have to leave these cute faces - let's just say I'm going to look on the positive side of things and get excited for some adventures in May!!  Including my dad retiring from teaching school for 25+ years - talk about a party!!

What else is new...

Maddie is STANDING!!

Charlie is doing a great job being a little soccer player.

And Jimmy is loving the Royal's.

What do you think about this link up?  I think it was pretty fun and just once a month? I'm down.

Join in the fun!!

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  1. Love all of this! Those are some of my favorite bloggers too, maybe if I can get my stuff together I'll join next month! Yay for a new swingset and YAY for a Mexico vaca! (even though I know it will be so hard to leave those cuties!)