Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some great people

So before I get into the happenings of this past weekend in Manhattan, I took these pictures the previous weekend when we were hanging out at my mom and dad's house - enjoying the gorgeous weather and my dad's new fire pit he bought at the Iowa state fair. 

Hanging out there and doing nothing is pretty amazing.

Especially when no one judges you when your son brings over a (clean) toilet brush as a sword.

(I promise it really had never been used - not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing in terms of how clean I'm admitting our toilets are - or aren't)

And even better when you add family time + nice weather + SMORES

My favorite things and my favorite people.

Girlfriend and I were having fun watching from afar.

Papa even made me a smore (sorry Maddie - maybe in a few months!)

These two love their Nana.  But Charlie does not like it when Maddie has something that he wants.

Hence him kicking her out of the chair she was sitting in!  Big brothers sometimes...

And finally - we enjoyed the basketball hoop.  The same one that I shot at SO many times as a kid.  My dad always said free throws are the most important because you need to make them.  So he would sit at the kitchen table and watch me shoot through the window - most of the time having to make 10 in a row before I could come in.  Haha - it's funny to think of those times and I feel lucky that my kids get to play on this same basketball court and experience all these times with my parents too.

Counting our blessings for both sides of our family.  Because we are so lucky to have all them in our lives and all live in Kansas City.  Thankful for each and every one of them.

Charlie and Norah last weekend at Grana and Pop's house.

All the Carter boy cousins... *dudes club*

Do me a favor and remind your family members how much you love them today.

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  1. Your weather! JUST NOT FAIR!!! Great pics. :)