Thursday, April 23, 2015

Their day

Some times as a parent, you are just plain old tired.

Or crabby.

Or sick.

And you wake up NOT wanting to do life that day.

Know that feeling??  Sometimes, we know it all too well and way too many days/weeks in a row, right? 

Like how fun was it that you had to work until midnight last night and then get up with your kids that are choosing not to sleep (something as adults we will NEVER understand)?  Trust me - this has been me way to many times.  And when I roll out of bed (before them, of course), the last thing I feel like doing is getting myself ready and getting them ready AND fighting with them when they are screaming because I am dressing them (I mean God forbid they go to school clothed) and then argue 14 times about what they want for breakfast (well at least arguing with one of them - the other just screams).  

I will tell you what I feel on those days - ANGER.  Like - OMG you little people leave me alone for 2.5 seconds because as mad as you, I bet you I am even more mad.

Like how dare they ruin my morning with their attitude, right?

Well, have you ever looked at the situation from the other side?  Yes that's right - have you ever though about what your bad attitude does to your kid's day and your kid's attitude?  In talking to a wonderful friend about this - it really opened up my eyes.  I can help set the tone of THEIR day.  Jimmy can help set the tone of THEIR day.  And if we have good attitudes from the minute we walk in their room...maybe that will rub off on them.

Because guess what?  It's THEIR day too.  It's THEIR morning.

And look at these could you not want to do everything in your power to make their day the best it can be?

It's so so hard.  Trust me.

But over the last month, I've truly been trying to shift my attitude.  Go into their rooms happy. And excited to see them.  And get their day started off the RIGHT way.

And when I get screamed at because he wanted a bagel versus the waffle that he just told me he wanted and then changed his mind five seconds after he said waffle - but no, he wants the bagel with cream cheese on it NOW - regardless if it's frozen or not, right?  And when little miss takes her hand and rubs her tray so all her breakfast flies off it onto the floor and THEN she starts crying?

Yes, even in those moments - I'm trying to have a good attitude.  Be happy.  Show them, it's going to be a good day.  For all of us.  Get it started off right.

The motto of my blog is "Every day might not be good, but there is something good in every day".

And that's exactly how I am going to live this life.

It's THEIR day too - let's do the best we can to make sure they have a good one!
It's the least we can do as parents.

But just so you know, Charlie has now moved onto to requesting "doughnut powder" daily for breakfast...because we had powdered doughnuts the other yeah, that's a fun conversation and meltdown.  Attitude people.  It's everything.

As long as I get a smile like this at least once before I leave for work in the morning - all is well in life.  yes friends, with a smile like that, all is well.

Now make your Thursday a good one!!!!


  1. You are so right! We as parents really have to set the tone right first thing. They are too little to reason with most of the time so it really is on us! But it can be so so hard :)

  2. You're always full of inspirational posts! Nicely said and so true!