Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It is true - she's 9 months old

Length:  30 in (98%)
Weight:  22.6 lbs (95%)
Head: 18 in (93%)

How in the world you are possibly already 9 months old is beyond me, but it's come and gone on April 4th.  It's crazy to look back last year and think you were just a little baby inside me that we didn't even know yet.  We just love having you here with us and in our family.  Nothing better than having a sweet baby girl!

  • You LOVE to smile.  
  • But you can also just freak out and cry and scream in an instant and it's so sad.  Your poor ear.
  • So last month you had your first ear infection and I'm pretty sure that it never went away.  4 rounds of antibiotics poor poor thing.
  • How do you have 5 teeth?  And they are NOT straight at all.  Haha!!
  • Crawling, standing, you do it all.  You don't like you sit still and like to go all over.  You have tried to stand by yourself a few times. Oh my.
  • Well, because of said ear infections, you are not a fan of sleeping really. I absolutely don't blame you because that cannot feel good - but let's just say we are all tired.  You and me and your dad.
  • You are still in size 4 diapers - but your tummy and thighs are not getting any smaller.
  • Trying new things to eat and drink.
  • Sippy cup!  We introduced that and you can drink out of the straw, but sometimes like to spit it out.  I even put some breastmilk in a sippy cup and sent you to Nana's and guess what?  You drank almost all of it!!
  • Still nursing.  I still love it.  So much.  But I'm thinking that it might be time to go down to pumping just once a day at work.  It's a love/hate thing my baby girl.  I love nursing and I hate pumping - but I still do it over and over again just for you!
  • I love that you mimic everything that we do from blowing bubbles to belly laughing to talking/babbling!

Things you like:
  • Breastmilk - from the direct source or bottle; girlfriend, I watched you take a bottle at school and you SUCKED down 7 ounces in literally 2 minutes flat.  Holy moly.  It kind of makes me ok possibly to stop nursing before the 12 month mark.
  • You love mum mums - you will eat other food at school but at home you like to play with it!
  • You are a crazy crazy crawler.  And you pull up on everything.  Trying to go upstairs, etc.  Watch out world!
  • Playing peek a boo

Things you don't like:
  • Diaper rash, ear infections, medicine - AHHH!  Make it stop.
  • Mom leaving your sight - talk about separation anxiety - it's in full force

Special memories this month!!
  • You started CRAWLING!!!  And now you are everywhere.  It's crazy and so fun at the same time - I think your brother thinks differently of it - just for now.
  • You made it through another daylight savings time - I'm not going to lie, I just dread these a lot - but you did ok!
  • Having oh so much fun at day care these days and getting so big
  • We had another road trip - this time to Wichita, KS to visit Lauren and David (and meet up with the Ruddick family).  Unfortunately, that was a very expensive trip, as you ended up in the ER (after some disappointing doctor's diagnosis at urgent care....).  Girlfriend - let's stop at going to the ER after 3 times, ok??
  • Your first St. Patrick's Day!! 
  • You had ANOTHER few ear infections.  For real?  Right before your official 9 month "birthday" you were diagnosed with your fourth one - I don't think they ever healed and your poor bottom hasn't either from those silly drugs.
  • On top of that - so so many teeth!  Three more this month - which is crazy.  You are not a fan.
  • Tagged along with your brother to a fun play date at a coffee shop - yeah!
  • You "talk" and say "da-da" but not "mama"yet!

A note to our girl:

This month has been ROUGH.  You have just been so sick with ear infections and diaper rash and getting teeth and puking.  My poor baby.  We are trying to get it figured out and are hopefully on your last round.  I already made an appointment with the ENT in two weeks - so hopefully we can get it fixed lady!

But we also had some great times this month.  And it's so fun to see you when you are happy and playing and laughing.  Your gummy smile is not so gummy anymore with your 5 teeth that are popping through. We just love seeing you grow up, even though it's a little bittersweet, but you are growing into a beautiful young baby girl - that has a tint of RED hair (ah!!).

We are looking forward to spring time with you!

Your parents


Comparison picture at 9 months-

Some outtakes from the 9 month photos - Charlie was the only one who could get you to smile!!

And then you were off down the hall and Charlie was playing with you by crawling back.

Ummm--- your hat is too small and SO much fun at day care.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

So so cute at day care playing!!!

Fun with friends.  Look at those babies!

So so big girlfriend.

Enjoying an indoor picnic.

With Great Grandmother


Acting like you are a little baby still!!!!!

Looking like your daddy!!! 

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