Thursday, February 18, 2016

And here we go - Baby #3 is on the way!

To many of you that know me in real life, this may be old news to you as I'm almost 18 weeks along - but GUESS WHAT blog world?!  We are having another July (of course!)!!!!!!!

While I was a little late to make this announcement and wanted to make sure everything was going as best it could in this pregnancy, here is how Maddie and Charlie announced it to some family and friends through our annual Valentine's Day cards.  

Seriously it's crazy!  Three kids - all almost exactly 2 years apart.  But  

Now that I'm done with the yucky first trimester (this has been my worst first trimester experience in all of my pregnancies), I'm looking so forward to adding a little baby to the mix.  Some {many} may think we are nuts, but I'm getting more and more excited by the day.  After watching Charlie and Maddie grow up together and their amazing relationship develop, I feel so blessed that we are able to add another one to our madness.  Charlie is so excited to be a big brother again and already requested we name the baby "Alcides Escobar" (Royal's player).  Maddie doesn't quite understand - but the good news is this girl loves babies and especially real ones.  Every time we meet/visit a baby she's always trying to kiss it and give it things and hug it (even when I'm holding it and not her).  So hopefully she keeps that big sister instinct going after she turns two!

Timeline of events Baby #3:
  • A week and a few days before Thanksgiving I have a dream that I'm pregnant and my sister threatens to kill me because she's getting married June 4.  I wake up out of a deep sleep in a panic and take a pregnancy test - it's negative and I sigh with relief that she's not going to kill me
  • That next Saturday (weekend before Thanksgiving) - I wake up and immediately know I'm pregnant.  Take a test and confirm it.  Then cry because I think my sister is going to kill me.  I immediately go over to her house (and take my cute kids as bribery to not kill me).  We also had to ask her and Casey if they would take our kids if we die (as we were in the middle of preparing a will) I had to ask her if she'd take three.  She knew immediately that I was pregnant before I could even tell her and was really happy for me.  And happy that we had not ordered bridesmaid dresses yet
  • November - January - I'm nauseous, tired, pukey (without actually puking if that's possible..guess that's really nauseous), and did I mention TIRED?  Seriously fell asleep every night for like 3 months putting Charlie to bed.  
  • February - FINALLY start to feel like a normal person.  Oh, a normal person with a belly already!!  Guess that's what will happen when it's you're third, right?  Or so they say!!
We got to see the little peanut and hear it's heartbeat around 8 weeks which was amazing and has had a strong heartbeat at each monthly appointment since which is just music to my ears.

It's hard to believe the halfway mark is just around the corner and our 20 week sonogram is in just a few weeks.  Even more fun this time?!?!  We are NOT finding out the gender.  This took a bunch of convincing by me from my husband, but I REALLY want to wait and find out in the delivery room - as hard as it is.  Some people love it and some people think you're crazy, but we found out the gender with both Charlie and Maddie and I'm so glad we did, but with this one I just feel like I want to wait.  We have both genders with all the clothes and toys and baby stuff you could possibly need (helps when all your kids are born in the same month!), so after some convincing Jimmy agreed we could wait - even though he really wants to know (who doesn't!?).

Ask me if I still feel like this during and after the 20 week sonogram and the tech asks "are you SURE you don't want to know!?!?".  haha.

We are so pumped and couldn't be more thankful for all the love and excitement we've received from family, friends, coworkers and random people.  We are beyond excited and praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy little baby at the end of it to add to our family.  Praying every day for that.

Official due date?  July 21- 24 (lol - this is under debate.  At first it was July 21, then we thought it changed to July 24, but then at my appointment on Tuesday they were like - July 21, right?  At this point in my life, I'm positive the baby will not come on either of those days - so I'm fine with the range!!)  Right smack dab in the middle of Maddie and Charlie's birthdays - so to say that July is a busy month for our family might be an understatement - but we'll take it and can just have one big birthday party month!!  (Maddie's bday is July 4 and Charlie's is July 31).

So here we go friends - while the journey has already been well on it's way for a while, I'm excited to start documenting the rest of it here!!  I have been HORRIBLE at bump pictures, but I'm trying to keep it up.  It is easier because I got a fun app - I only have 2 so far (maybe 3?) but I'll try to keep up for this babe's sake.

Tips on having 3 kiddos!?  We are excited, scared and over the moon at the same time!!!


  1. Congratulations!!! So many wonderful things! My second daughter is also a 4th of July baby :D How fun is planning for that party?! I think it is darling you send Valentines to family, what a sweet way to announce your pregnancy.

  2. I am so stinkin' excited for you! And no, you are not crazy! Well...maybe, but that means I'm just as crazy for also wanting a third! And Alcides Escobar.......bahahahahahah DO IT!!!! Charlie, Maddie, and Alcides has a nice ring to it! Congrats, my friend! Can't wait for the next 20 weeks!

  3. This is sooooo exciting!! Congrats girl!!!

  4. So excited for your sweet family!! That is one lucky baby!!