Saturday, February 13, 2016

Seven years of blogging- things change baby

We always say "time flies" as adults, as moms, etc.  I think many can attest the older you get the faster the time seems to go.  There are some LOOOONNNNGGG DAYS (yes yes yes) but then all of a sudden I feel like throw in a couple of those and next thing you know another month...or two has passed.

That my friends is the only way I can even begin to fathom in my head how SEVEN years has passed since I posted my first blog post to this little sight.  Seven freaking years.  I was 23!!! Ahhh!!

My first post was just an intro as to why I was about ready to start this blog of mine - mainly because weird/funny/random stuff happened that I wanted to share with friends near and far.  What's amazing to me is how much blogging has changed since then and it's crazy how for so many now it's a full time job where they make lots of money - how amazing is that this day and age!??

Things that have changed from my first post:
  • I no longer have a boyfriend - I have a husband of almost 6 years...(it's so weird to go back to my second post and see the phrase "when my boyfriend, Jimmy...".  Lucky for me I've got to call him husband for a while now
  • We've bought two houses - and I sold my condo downtown, bought a house in cute Prairie Village, sold that awesome house and moved to our current house in western Olathe
  • Jimmy and I both have new (and in our opinion better) jobs!
  • We gained two family members (Charlie and Maddie - our human kids) and lost two family members (Milly and Willy - two of our three dog kids)
  • My sister went from being a "kid" in college, to an adult with a real job, real house who is getting MARRIED!
  • We lost my sweet grandpa
  • My dad got diagnosed with prostrate cancer and beat it

Things that have stayed the same since my first post:
  • Still in love with Jimmy
  • Brown hair is still there (dyed or not- might have a few stray grays...thanks kids!)
  • Working in finance- and still loving it
  • Living in Kansas City- note above we have bought TWO houses in seven years but haven't left the suburbs of KC
  • Still have some crazy best friends from college and high school and so thankful for them!!!
  • I'm still about as random as they come - just have learned how to function on little to no sleep

Life is a crazy thing and while I'm not the same person that I was 7 years ago with that first post, I'm glad to report even with all the big changes that have come our way through these years, I am so so happy and blessed with the way life has took it's turns.  During good times and bad, I'm so thankful to have my family, friends and number 1 guy by my side - which makes the road so much easier.

And while this blog is nothing big, it's served as such a wonderful space in my life for 7 years and I love looking back to see all the changes and what I was feeling at the time and reflecting on the person I was, thoughts I was having then and the person I am now.  Sometimes I feel the pressure to attempt to make this whole thing "bigger and better", but then I realize, regardless if no one ever read a post, I love this space I have in the world wide web and hope I can keep it up for 7 more years to come!!

Thanks for readers old and new and cheers to many more years of fun!

And just for fun - here is one of the first pictures I ever posted:

(babies getting engaged!!)

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