Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally Friday


I'm pumped to be heading to see this stud perform tonight at the sprint center in KC!  


And tagging along with my brother in law and sister in law is pretty fun too :). Any other Blake fans out there? Been listening to his music/old and new on Spotify this week so I'm ready!


Do you buy clothes on Amazon? Or is it just me? Mainly because online shopping + guaranteed two day shipping is the way to go in my book.  I was on the hunt for a nice dress I could wear to a charity event that we are going to Sunday night for my work- one that will easily fit my bump.  When I found this on Amazon I was like "yes!".  It's black (for some reason I avoid color...I'm weird) and it looked like nice material and lace.
Well I got it yesterday. It's cotton and crochet. Ha. So while it fits and looks fine I'm questioning if it's nice enough, as the event is black tie optional. Jimmy says that when you're pregnant you can get away with anything. And part of me is like, yes and being cotton I can probably get a few good uses out of it this summer before my bump is no more.  So due to that and in general the event is Sunday and I have no time to hunt for anything else- I'm guessing I'll just keep and wear. No way I'll look at pregnant/sexy as this lady. Ha- is that even a thing?!?


On the hunt for a coffee table/ottoman.

Right now the fuf (which is amazing), is taking the place of the one we put in the basement- as it is old, black and broken.  

We went shopping this weekend and found this and I loved it! 

Perfect to put your feet up on, kids to jump on, but I love the trays below that we can bring up to put drinks. And being customizable with the wood color and fabric I was sold.  And then the guy told me the sale price doesn't apply to custom orders and with my picks it would be over $1000 I about fainted.  Not that it's not nice- but let's be real here people- we have 2 kids now....soon to be 3. Our kids are crazy climbers, crazy snackers and have no regard for nice things.  At all.  No way we are shelling out $1000 for it.

Enter DIY.  I found a little creation on Pinterest that is just like what I found.  Jimmy told me he needs one free weekend and he'll make it. Sold!


Three and a half year olds.  I swear.

Jimmy sent me a blog that he said he read every day for parenting tips - Janet Lansbury.  It is really good and I might be even more impressed that Jimmy takes his parenting worries to the Internet to read how to improve and deal with these kids!

It's just a constant battle with this man.  Doesn't want to wear clothes- ok he will. But wait, not THAT shirt. How dare we ever suggest that one? And pants- nope shorts are way better...even if it is 30 degrees. Mom won't let me wear shorts? Scream!!! 

Haha. Charlie does have his wonderful sweet moments, but right now it's these constant fights and tests that he plays on us that I'm having such a hard time dealing with.  Sounds like it's normal and testing us as this age is normal- but still!! #givemeallthewine #ohwaitimpregnant


Nothing makes me more thankful than seeing the sun rise and set each day.

Some days I feel great and other days it's hard to pull myself out of bed because I'm feeling sluggish and tired and want that fifteen minutes more of sleep (which I know will do nothing).  But seeing the sun rise on the way to work makes my morning and the seeing it set often when I'm driving the kids home from school and Charlie makes sure to point it out saying "mom look at the beautiful sunset" just reminds me there is a bigger power each day and a God that loves us all so much.

Happy Friday friends!!!

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  1. LOVE that coffee table! Can't wait to see your DIY version!! Which store was that at?? Those are the couches we just bought in the background ;)

  2. If anyone can DIY that coffee table, it's the two of you!!! Can't wait to see the end result! I have two maternity dresses...don't know if their "black tie" appropriate, but you're welcome to try/borrow them! They're both one-shoulder. I'll try to find some pictures and text you! Enjoy your kid-free night tonight! Do you know where your seats are? We are in section 103!

  3. Ooo I can't wait to see the DIY! I need my hubby to make us a new coffee table so maybe we'll just steal your idea :) And oh yeas 3.5 is so fun, just wait for 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 LOL!

  4. I love the table you posted! That would be perfect for my living room!