Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Maddie the nudist

Ok so not really a nudist, but this girl I swear.

While her brother likes taking his clothes off and even has his own hashtag for it (#charliehatesclothes)...Maddie has started to adopt the same desire to wear no clothes.  Except this might be a worst habit - at night!!!   This is naked people, including no diaper.

The first time this happened was a while back and I posted this picture to Instagram of her getting ready to get in the bath tub.  

Because...yeah.  It was a Saturday morning and we heard her wake up in her crib (of COURSE Charlie was awake because that boy is up at 6 or earlier on the dot every day) at 6AM and kind of rustle around.  Didn't think anything of it because when I looked at the monitor a few minutes later, she was laying back down flat on her stomach.

It was a Saturday, Charlie was entertaining himself, so Jimmy and I stayed in bed and drifted in and out of sleep - relishing in just how wonderful life was.

Come 8:00, big brother was getting anxious to play with SOMEONE.  Since apparently we weren't wanting to get out of bed (trust me - in bed at 8AM, yeah this was like a once in every two year thing for us - our kids do NOT sleep in), he decided to go in and wake Maddie up.  I knew it wasn't good when you hear Charlie say over the monitor "Get up --- ER - Maddie why are you naked....and what's that smell!?!?  EHHH gross!".  Oh yes.  Oh yes.

As he proceeded to run out of the room, we both ran in.  Naked 18 month old happy as a clam with her poppy diaper on the other side of the crib.  Apparently she didn't want it on so instead of crying enough or yelling, she just took it off quietly and went back to sleep.

I mean I can't blame her because - yeah, no one likes poopy diapers.

But still, gross.  Luckily, I'm pregnant and smells make me gag and then puke - specifically nasty poops so the cleaning up the crib responsibility fell to Jimmy while I swooped Maddie off to be cleaned...praying this was a one time occurrence.

And then it happened again the following Saturday morning.  #seriously

So we learned our lesson and stated putting Maddie only in pajamas that were zip up but had the snap thing on the top (we have some hand me down ones that just have a zipper all the way up, which she obviously has no problem at all taking off).  And we thought all was well for awhile - and then...last night, it happened again.  It was Monday and for some reason it was a Mooonnnndddaaaay - if you get my drift.  Like just ready for the day to be done.  Charlie would NOT go to sleep and I was getting so frustrated with him and Maddie was asleep and had started crying and Jimmy was nowhere to be found - ok really he was cutting his hair in the garage and then shaving/showering in our bathroom, but from my vantage point I was like "OMG help me husband!".  So I left Charlie and went into Maddie's room and walk in and she's butt naked just standing there yelling "poop!!!" pointing to her diaper.  I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO".

Thank goodness, she was crying wolf because there was in fact no poop in the diaper - but then I was just plain confused (I'm sure she was too).  And before I could do anything, Jimmy came in and said, I'll handle it just go to bed.  Um...ok.  So I literally got in my pajamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth and immediately turned off all the lights in my bedroom and got under the covers.  When you tell me to go to bed, I will do (even if my intentions were to gather last minute tax stuff).  

And then I couldn't stop thinking about EVERYTHING.  Like why is Charlie so frustrating to me lately and how do I take a chill pill?  Why do I feel like the worst mom ever like 80% of the time?  Why does my baby in my stomach not kick me more so I can feel them and know they are ok?  And WHHHYYY is my daughter a nudist?

Yes friends, I did think that. While I am guessing hoping this is a stage, you can't help but blame the girl because really I just think she hates the diaper.  She pees AND poops in the potty before her bath and is obviously taking her diaper off when she doesn't want it on - so maybe really we are letting her down as parents and should attempt to potty train her?  But God help us, so much work.  The weekend with Charlie was like #givemeallthewine and when you're pregnant I'm guessing it might look more like #givemeallthequesoandchips - but still.  Just a long weekend for everyone. 

This post really has no point.  Except that I used to be awesome at documenting all these crazy, funny, weird things Charlie did and poor Maddie is getting no love.  So yes, it does have a point.  The point is to document her current love for being naked - and praying that stops promptly at age 2.

But for the next 4 months - I will let her be naked when she wants because she is so darn cute.  As long as she learns to do her business on the potty and not while running around naked.

The end.


  1. Oh no! Liam did the same thing before, too. I learned to keep him in footie pajamas or a sleep sack at all times!!! She's so cute, though!

    1. My friend also suggested a sleep sack - I can't believe we didn't think of that because especially during the winter months would be brilliant!!!! It's the footie pajamas that she can get out of!

  2. Potty training while preggo is pretty much the worst. WORST. Did it with Henry while preggo with June. I would avoid it at all costs. I think I ate all the chocolate. ;)

    Hang in there. I'm feeling like parenting is really hard right now too. This too shall pass. Love you!

    1. Oh girl - I cannot even imagine. Maddie poops and pees on the potty by herself so I'm hoping she will be easier than a boy (so they say!?!?). We will see - I need to find my wine substitute first ;)

  3. I am cracking up right now! This just made me laugh. And someday you will probably look back and laugh, too!

    1. Oh I will!!! These are my favorite random posts to look back on!!!