Monday, February 1, 2016

Batman is 3.5

Somehow time keeps moving on and the one that made me a mom in 2012, he keeps growing up.  While 3 has been VERY challenging (oh my!), it's also a whole new arena of fun that comes with all those challenges.

This kid.  I swear.  I mean look at him.

He got to pick out something to "celebrate" his half birthday yesterday and his dad found these and he immediately had to have them.  I mean check them out with the Batman tool belt.  He won't take it off.  The minute he walks in the house, he de-robes and puts these pjs on.

Three and a half.  The last six months since Charlie turned three, he's just changed and grown so much.  At this age it's just completely amazing to me how in six months how these little people can change.  Charlie's personality has shown up and is in full force.  Good and bad.  

He's got a little attitude for sure.

He has the best imagination; Jimmy and I were talking about how much his independent play time has just taken off and how it's so fun to listen to him play and make up stories with his cars, his super heros and really anything he finds to play with.

He LOVES his sister.  Every night after they get out of the bath he BEGS to have a dance party with Maddie.  It's great.  While he likes to bug the heck out of her and steal toys, etc. from her - however...he has her back.  Always wondering where she is if she's not around, telling her what to do and making sure she's ok and has her coat on, etc.  It's been pretty amazing to see these two's relationship blossom over the last year and a half.  Charlie is really a great big brother!

He loves to pray for his friends and family at night and can even recite the Lord's Prayer (this is thanks to his dad for saying it with him every night putting him to bed when Maddie was a baby- amazing!)

Another one of the amazing things that his dad has taught him?  A love of old music.  This kid blew my mind the other night in the car.  He asked me to listen to music and when I asked him what...he said the EAGLES!  Haha - and then told me specifically, "Take it Easy" and proceeded to sing like half of the lyrics when it was on.  I was blown away - seriously he's a little Jimmy!

He loves doing ninja moves in front of the fireplace (so he can see himself, of course).  And he is also really good at doing ninja dance moves in slow-mo during his dance parties.  It's pretty hilarious.

He is an OK eater - I mean the kid could for sure eat more, but I'm not going to complain.  He's kind of adventurous when he's up for I'll take it.

He's a string bean - only weighing a few pounds more than his pot roast sister, but he wears it well.

He loves school, his teachers and his friends.  It's been a little under 6 months since we moved schools and he transitioned like a rockstar.  He's made so many new friends and after attending some school events and birthday parties with him - I love watching him interact with them!

He loves to read books and is so great at reading with you.  Pretty sure it's all from memorization, but you never know right?  Ha.  His teacher said that he's turned a corner and she loves how she can see him very interested in learning the lessons they are learning at school and that makes me so happy that his interest in learning is there!  Hope he keeps that up!!

I love talking to him at night when I put him to bed.  Even if it delays bed makes me happy to sit there and talk to him about his day and when he asks me to play cars with him for one minute.  These conversations are just amazing and what he says about his day and all his friends and just life. 

He's a huge goof ball and goober and can always make us laugh.  

We love you so so much Charlie Carter.

And even though you don't want to ever take off your pajamas and we have to force you to...we think you are the cutest little man around and have loved watching you grow and change and we cannot wait for all the fun to come. 

And hope that the age of 4 (from an attitude perspective), is a little better than 3 has been like most people have said!!!  I think it will be!

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