Friday, February 12, 2016

Five quick things

Surprise - I'm back again for five things on Friday.  I thought I was going to have time to blog this week - but alas, I had to work a bit and last night I fell asleep in Charlie's room (in my clothes) and then ended up sleeping in our bed until midnight full clothed.

I'm a mess.

But the weekend is now here so here's five things to share!


Free gas!?!?!  Who wants that.

Ok - well it was technically $0.009 (dang taxes) but seriously - this was real life last night when I stopped at the HyVee gas station to fill up my van.  I swiped my HyVee card and figured I had a bunch stored up...but never in my life have seen this!!  I was shocked and SOOOO excited I even made sure to get the receipt because I knew Jimmy wouldn't believe me.  Thanks HyVee, you rock!

Seriously - I got 17 gallons of gas for 16 cents - WHAT?!?!


Valentine's party fun.

I have to say that this year it's a lot more fun making the kids valentine's when they actually participate and "help".  Last year I think I did it after they were in bed - so yes, now that they can participate - way more fun.  Charlie SOOO excited to give these to his friends later today (he loves Laffy Taffy) and even Maddie helped by handing me the bags of goldfish for all her friends and putting them in her sack. 

These were SOOO easy and cheap and fun.  Check out the free printable for the goldfish HERE and for the laffy taffy HERE.

We even got their teachers some bouquets of flowers and oh my - Charlie is so excited to give them to them.  Got to teach this boy young to treat the women in his life right!


I cannot wait to see these girls and their babies this weekend.


(i love this picture of us - however, 5 babies later between the three of us - I know if we had the time and energy we'd still clean up this nice, right?!!)


I started going to a bible study in my neighborhood and we are doing the Jonah study by Priscilla Shirer (have you ever heard of her?).  So far it's pretty good - we have only met as a group once and watch one video - but I've done a few days of the study and it's great!!  Love doing it as a group too because it holds me accountable and you get to hear everyone else's point of view.  I really like Priscilla so far (I think!).  It's all about navigating a Life Interrupted - which you know as a mom of little kiddos is all so true.



I started (and finished - that's the key here) a house project/re vamp this week!

I had an urge to redo our little entry way wall space that was just SOOOO boring and it's what everyone sees when they walk in and what I see every time I walk down the stairs (quite frequently).
I'm happy to say that I'm quite happy with the easy and cheap makeover - will share next week!  Here's the before picture.

Have a LOVELY weekend full of LOVE!  Happy early Valentine's day to you and your family!

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  1. Those valentines are adorable! Enjoy your girls weekend!

  2. Cute Valentines!! We are in the process of discussing how we want to redo our entry way. Looking forward to seeing your after pictures of you entry way. Have a great Valentine's weekend.

  3. How fun you can bring food for valentines!! You look so gorg in that dress! And gas that cheap is UNHEARD OF!!

  4. Ooooh can't wait to see the after picture!! And cute Valentines! And that price for gas?! I'm just happy to be paying $1.50 per gallon, but holy cow I guess I need to start doing those HyVee points! Have a great weekend, friend!

  5. Love those valentines and yay for the almost free gas!

  6. super cute valentines! so glad i came across your blog in the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine! happy vday weekend friend!

  7. Have fun with your girls weekend! And what amazing valentines!!