Friday, February 19, 2016


Ok - seriously, how was it a four day work week this week (for me at least).  DRAGGED...

Here's some things!


If you missed this announcement yesterday - we are having another baby!  Yes sir.

Details here on #3.

But what was more amusing to me was that since I'm almost halfway people that know already have been like "when are you going to announce it?" and I was just waiting until my last doctor's appointment - but as it turns out - 2 years ago today was when we found out Maddie was a GIRL and posted this picture and post for our family and friends. I'm a weirdo about dates, so for some reason - I love this.

NOTE - - this was 2 years ago - we don't know what this one is mom! Haha - she thought I was telling her something yesterday!


Since we are not finding out the gender - I've been dreaming up this little one's nursery for awhile for something that we can use both for if it's a boy or girl.  I have an obsession with arrows...that's the conclusion I have come to.  I'm obsessed with these (to just list a few).



But don't want to pay that hefty price aunt is amazing and is willing to whip up, I just have to find the fabric - where do you find specific fabric?  I've been to stores - but they have nothing like this.  I like (awesome idea) but any other ideas?

However, I did buy this dresser yesterday off of a facebook furniture swap group for $150 --- and they delivered it that day (WHAT?!).  I was planning to just buy a white dresser from IKEA but then this was too good to pass up - so I'm planning on painting it a fun color after some encouragement from a friend!


Ok random - but I seriously saw this on facebook as well - and died laughing.

I have a co-worker that LOVES Chik-fil-A, so I told her this would've been perfect!!! Haha!  I mean who wouldn't want a bouquet of chicken and fries?


Speaking of chicken - did someone say chicken?

Apparently Jimmy felt bad for not doing anything "exciting" or "romantic" for Valentine's Day - so he heard about a new restaurant that just opened in KC that apparently has delicious fried chicken.  Like he claims he heard it was better than Stroud's (which is famous KC fried chicken that I love).  So he is taking me there tomorrow night and I'm excited to try it!  Originally from a tiny town east of Memphis and now has expanded: Gus's Fried Chicken!


House projects.  I'm on this weird thing where I'm really into house projects.  Maybe it's a burst of second trimester energy?  Or that my dad is feeling back to normal and I just feel like he wants projects?  Or BOTH?  Ha!

Either way.  My handyman dad has been in full swing this week at our house (while moonlighting as a substitute janitor at his old school in the afternoon/evenings).  What is on his agenda this time?  A mini bar area in the dining room - that he has brought this idea...
source fruition (still in the works, but seriously, we talked about this on Saturday morning and he's already bought the fridge, the cabinet (cut it), moved the electrical outlet up, ripped up the carpet - he's amazing - seriously.  

(dang I literally JUST hung these paintings up that I got in Paris last summer and now I'm going to have to move them and put some fun "drink" decor up I think!

Excited to have this done before the first weekend in March when I'm co-hosting a baby shower for my awesome sister in law Hillary, at our house!  Will be a fun (and more importantly, functional) drink station!!!  Thanks Dad!

Happy Friday and weekend - hope everyone has a fun (and relaxing) weekend!

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  1. Ahh I'm still so happy for you!! Another baby is so exciting! I feel like everyone is pregnant right now too.

    I love the woodland nursery theme, so so cute!

    And that is an awesome idea for a drink station! I wish we had the room for that!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I figure three kids will be a little more crazy but a lot more fun right?!! You would know!!! And I'm so excited for this little drink set up! Will be so nice when we entertain!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey! So happy for you guys and #3! Love your nursery idea too. Super cute. We have #2 coming also in July and I've been searching for cute fabric for Parker's new big girl room. TONS of cute stuff on I'm ordering some cute fox fabric, but also found some really cute stuff when you do a search for arrow. Good luck!

  3. Your nursery inspiration is adorable!!!! I am so over Holden's nursery (that was also Brantley's nursery) and designing something new looks like so much fun! Also, the mini bar for your dining room! I love it! Having a retired dad who serves as your handyman has the be the best thing ever!!

  4. Congratulations! I wish you and baby all the best. That's a nice dresser.