Friday, February 5, 2016

Five things on a Friday

Five things for this week that are random for you.

I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly now that my big deadline at work as been met and I'm excited about it!!!


Starting off this post with my favorite little girl on a Friday night rocking the bathtub all alone.  Her big brother was having a super fun sleepover at Aunt Lulu and Casey's house, so she was soaking up her time as an only child.

She's grown up so much in the last month (was 19 months yesterday!!).  Her personality continues to shine through in good and hard ways.  She's sooooooo stubborn but so funny.  Jimmy and I will get so frustrated with her and then one minute later we are laughing at her!

Maddie is a such a joy and seriously she's hilarious!  It's nice to get a little one on one kind with her.


Oh Norwex.

I went to a party this summer in my neighborhood and I fell in love the products.  I, of course, signed up to host a party later that fall.  Well then it turned out that Charlie was sick the week of the party, so the consultant was nice enough to push it back to after the holidays and first of the year.

So I finally had my party a few weeks ago and while only a few friends and neighbors could come, we had a great time watching the raw chicken presentation, the butter on my glass and learning more about all the products!  Everyone at the party loved it too - so I was glad that I ended up having it.

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6 | 7

we got all the products last week and above are just a few things I ended up getting and I'm obsessed all over again!!!  Haha.  I'm a cleaning machine and it's amazing.  I love how easy they are.  Point in case - I was putting away groceries last weekend and noticed how gross my fruit and veggie drawers were and BAM - 20 minutes later, I used the microfiber cloth and water and cleaned my whole fridge!!!   I can't wait to use the mop this weekend to prep for our Superbowl party too.

Even Jimmy was getting into it!!

Yes, we have a cleaning lady, but in my mind these are PERFECT fast and easy products to keep our house clean and safe (chemical free) during week!  Have you tried Norwex?  I'm addicted!!!!


Last weekend it was in the 50s and 60s - AMAZING for the end of January.   We had so much fun going to the park, playing outside in the backyard, and FINALLY getting to take the car these two got for Christmas outside on a little sunset drive!

Look at these two.

Pretty much - Maddie needs a seatbelt.  Charlie is learning to be a better driver, but was a little disappointed when the car ran out of "gas" halfway around the curve.  Haha.  Can't wait for springtime to get this baby out more!!


Next week is Valentine's Day fun!!!

With both kiddos having parties at school and a LONG week this week at work - I decided to take next Friday off and do some mama shopping time at Ikea and then hit up their parties.  Here is my idea that I loved on Pinterest for Charlie's Valentine's treats for his friends.  We will see what he thinks (it's so much harder when your kid actually has a strong opinion on these things!), but he loves laffy taffy, so I think he'll be a fan!

I also have a fun surprise for Jimmy for Valentine's Day and am excited to finish that up and give it to him.  We will be celebrating with some friends in Wichita with our babes!!


Oh the dreaming of house fun.  Pinterest is just so good for that isn't it?

I just love this set up that I found here for a fun little bar area in our dining room.  I love in our neighbor's houses (all much newer) how they have a little wet bar area with a fridge that they can keep all their drinks for when they have guests over cold and just let the guests choose.  We have a whole extra fridge in our garage that we use for pop and a separate beer fridge, but whenever we have a party or even a few people over I totally struggle with where to put the drinks out and keep them cold!

Enter this amazing idea that I'm thinking we can put in our dining room.  we have an amazing stencil that Jimmy painted on that wall instead of a chalkboard wall (as cool as that is!!!), but from this Home Depot tutorial - I think my handy men (aka my dad and Jimmy) could easily make this happen, don't you!?!?

So there you have it friends - five things! It have been a LONG few weeks at work, so I'm happy to be at home catching up on TV this week with a sleeping baby (not-so-much-a-baby) girl down the hall and a sweet little boy just down the street sleeping at my sister's house - something he has been looking forward to all week long!

Cheers to a fantastic weekend and nice weather (again!)!

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  1. I'm glad you got to enjoy some one on one time with her!
    We had the same kind of weather in PA. It's coming to an end tonight and I'm not ready to deal with the cold weather and snow again!